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who is the guy on her back???

kawaii, another protagonist

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Leef 6010 i can't wait for the full of this game. but i still thank you for creating this game, they kill my quarantine sad hour. 

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who is Lacie? and the Guy on her back?? i think kat still alive.

i still thinking,,,, kat: say i don' want to die,, the creepy who open the door say: why not ? Everybody should try at least once, it means kat still alive, and kat hold a protective runes right.. and the sound of the ripped body is a girl in the middle chairs. i think? this game is not full game yet.

wait, the game i play is a demo? not a full game?

nc game, i already record this game and upload on youtube. this game is nice and creepy, i hope kat is still alive.