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Oh wow! This was really a work of art - Looked and felt like a genuinely wholesome AC-like experience, and I loved the day-to-day! And then it flipped and I was spooked. Absolutely awesome work, with the perfect level of unsettling vibes and coziness. 

I would genuinely play a whole, long chill game about this with or without the spooks! Definitely watching to keep an eye on any further creations!
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Stumbled upon this game, and I've really enjoyed it! I love the low-res artstyle, and the way the lighting feels, especially the candles. The apartment/house becomes creepier the more you explore, and the cute li'l bunny is an excellent, if a little spooky, critter! The limited space available to find things in also helped keep things interesting and easy enough to focus on the details! Excellent quality, and a fun little piece! 

I will also say, the subtle (and not so subtle) changes in the sound and world details as the storyline progressed felt really natural and weird. Very smooth transitions, leading to a quite tense atmosphere towards the end!

A somewhat silly, fun, but strongly-creepy game, with a nice bit of freedom, and a simple but haunting style!

There's something about this day-to-day routine style of game, where things slowly change over time - really hits just right with me. Sound design really brought it home, especially towards the end. But the empty and strange feeling space overall carried a haunting feeling throughout. And I do love the simplistic and grainy graphic style - the shifting and distorted textures really nailed the vibe!

Excellent stuff, really enjoyed!

I found this game whilst looking for halloween releases, and I'm so blessed. A genuinely excellent, tight, adorable little experience: Good variety of little puzzles/activities, no backtracking, and the cutest, warmest artstyle/music/atmosphere I've come across in a long, long time. Genuinely made me feel good.

I can't wait to see what next autumn brings now lol!

This really caught me off-guard - I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was really blown away by the cinematic opening, and then a really strong, tense atmosphere throughout - simple but effective graphics, and not too much 'woah scary thing and blood' everywhere. Just the right amount to keep me right on edge!

Really enjoyed this. I expected jumpscares off the wall, but it was a constant creeping terror with just the right amount of panic to keep it zesty! Awesome stuff!

I've come back to this game a dozen times or more. There's something absolutely horrifying and heavy about the atmosphere - The artstyle combined with a bleak, ominous, and outright terrifying sound design to create something really special, and haunting. 

Truly one of the best low-action horror games I've ever come across! Deeply disturbing, yet short and sweet!

This was a really fun one. I liked the slightly crusty ex-soviet feel of the control room, and the sound design had me on edge the entire time! I'm not scared of spiders - but I am scared of those bad boys! Really, really enjoyed playing through this, and I'm super intrigued by ORB.

Graphics were crisp and perfectly matched the tone, and everything just felt spot-on!

Where to begin? A really charming, cozy, and slightly unnerving beginning, which ramped up fast! Sudden, spooky (if a little derpy) and panic-inducing! But then, though the level design became rather unsettling and odd (in a good way!), the constant barrage of flickering lights and loud, sharp sounds really started to take their toll.

The ending was very satisfying, though!

What can I say about this game that hasn't been said already?

What a silly concept - a toilet horror maze, filled with unsettling sounds and weird characters. But it's awesome! Excellent visuals - really gave it a grimy, nasty feeling, whilst staying cool. Terrifying ambience, simple but effective gameplay, and a great level of dreamy creativity! Absolutely awesome! Major congrats to the creator for pulling off such a masterful experience with such a strange concept!


This was exactly what I wanted. Absolutely spot on. A whacky horror which managed to keep up a solid atmosphere, and still managed to provide some good laughs.

Managed to get all 5 of the endings, but took me a good bit of trial & error - though not enough that it felt like it was a problem! Really enjoyable throughout. Short enough that I didn't mind running it again and again for other endings, and long enough to provide a great atmosphere! Never knew what to expect next!

Something about the ocean is simply terrifying - and this game managed to make that really, really stand out! Subtle, yet haunting until the last moment! Really nailed the crushing pressure of the deep, with some really unsettling, unnerving additions! Absolutely awesome stuff! 

Had to make a little playthrough of it myself!

Truly impressive!

Weird, amusing, and despite literally doing your taxes, it was a really fun little experience! And the funky lil background tune managed to keep it cool.

The atmosphere was weird-  Almost unsettlingly normal! But the gradual additions of details which crept onto the table were brilliant! Of course, the graphical style is one of my favs too. All around just an excellent, enjoyable time! 

This was absolutely hilarious *and* really well made and interesting. Genuinely not sure how I missed this before now! It delivered on all fronts, and had me laughing endlessly throughout! And yet, despite the sillyness, a really strong storyline? Legendary stuff.

Genuinely terrifying, and yet, really, really enjoyable! Captures the pleasant top and horrifying bottom moods just right! 

Made a little video because I really loved it! The asthetic and ambience were amazing, and the ritual area was haunting af- some serious congratulations in order for making such an effective spook game!

This was an amazing statement on society. I am speechless, amazed, and enchanted. Kudos to you, creator, for your advanced insight into the world of taxes. And Krab.

This was genuinely amazing! Both hilarious, and a really, really good game! A great challenge and an overall awesome time. I had such a great time!

HOLY HELL THIS IS GORGEOUS and also darn spooky. This absolutely nailed everything it set out to, and then some. The aesthetic throughout hit the moods perfectly. Genuinely loved this so darn much. 

Well goddamn. This was way, way too enjoyable. I absolutely loved the music and strange vibes. The wilted, plastic, floppy scenery felt really cool. For such a cursed piece of magic, I've gotta say, this was a really good time. Massive props! 

Had a fun time recording this one too! 

My god, I absolutely loved this game! One of my favourites from, and I've played so many! Absolutely awesome stuff! I had to make a video on it lol. I'm honestly blown away by how fun this was - and the music choice was amazing! 

It's EXACTLY that sorta game! Made me jump at like midday! Cannot image how creepy it would be at night

Jesus Christ, this shook me in ways I wasn't expecting, and managed to hit the horror and exact feeling of something creeping in at the edges and OH GOD it was just perfect! Short, sweet, gave me a damn spook, and I loved the art style!

I also made a video on it lol. First time playing, and it got me lol Awesome work!
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Dear lord, this game was bizarre. Absolutely hilarious, and honestly, a great atmosphere lol. Really fun too play, overall! Though dying/finishing the game made it crash out.

Ah, this game - absolutely nailed the aesthetic. the atmosphere, the ideas! I really enjoyed it all the way through, sincerely - the tension was great, and then a tiny man slapped me to death. I love this game lol. Excellent work!

An absolutely class game:) Short, sweet, snappy. A good rise in challenge, but building on the mechanic as you go! And it was super satisfying to watch them all drop afterwards. Ace job!

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This game was a blast! The English patch was pretty perfect, and overall I had a great time  - the right level of challenge, combined with satisfying equipment and a pretty cool aesthetic and setup. Simple, yet effective, and fast enough that vent-crawling didn't become too long! I made a video on my experience with it here:

The only thing I'd really change is to add a background soundtrack. But that honestly wasn't much of an issue at all. Pretty darn good work:)

I'm still angry at that pun lol
But forreal, a funny little game, with such a bizarre tone to it that I kinda loved it lol

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Simply put: This game was a breath of fresh air. So relaxed, calming and zen, but with some hints of reality, which, if anything, enhanced it even more! Beautiful art, smooth, simple, yet engaging gameplay, and a cute game overall! Loved it, and had to make a video to share it more!

OH MY GOD this was absolutely amazing.  Like, the second I started playing this I knew I was in for something great - and it turned into something absolutely amazing! And the fact this is a prologue blew my mind! I made a video on this because I had to share it lol. Split into two parts too! Thank you for such an amazing game!

Jesus Christ, that siren drone at the start made me panic lol. Simple, short, pretty, and genuinely pretty scary! All around, pretty darn nice. I'm only a year behind on the trend, right? 

I loved this. Initially I wished it would be longer, but honestly, I think it hits just perfectly as is. There's some super, super unsettling about the little noises, the strange ambience, and the way you just hack and hack at the chopping board. Really good work!  Made a short video on it too, as if we needed any more lol I'd LOVE to see more in this style though!

I really, really enjoyed this game! Like, it's so stylish, and yet, so simple. Guns are fun, and satisfying to use, and the suddenness of death when you fall out the carriage is hilarious lol. I love the research mechanic too. Adds some good depth, whilst keeping it simple.

It is a little too easy to mess up when you first start  though - If you have too little xp to buy bullets and you miss too much, you can't progress any further ad your only option is suicide. Some kinda of really basic weapon with infinite ammo or regenerating ammo may be helpful just in that case? Or even just a stick to prod enemies as they get close to get a little xp back?

But overall, an ace game! Looks good, plays good, is good:) 

Oh my god this was good. Like, short, but sweet, and with some serious feelings of doom. Something about the colours really completed the vibe, along with an amazing choice of background music. Absolute brilliant. Highly recommended!

I went in expecting something that looked good. I found something that had some genuine feeling in it, and managed to tell a fair story with lovely visuals.

I made a video on this too, as if it were needed lol. 

Really enjoyed this one. The papers and all made for a cute, fairly simple, but relaxing game. Lil spoop, but overall super enjoyable!  Made a little video on this too:

Oh. My. God. This was one of the stupidest, but most well-made, brilliant games I've ever played. I made a li'l gameplay video! What a piece lol. One hell of a way to start my new year!

Thank you for this.