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Cool game!

Woah nice transition effect!

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Thank you for the feedback! We might improve the game in the future so it's great that you were able to give some.

Thank you!

Nice and funny start for a game! :v I think the biggest problem is that it's hard to get around the level, the player jumps kinda low. Otherwise it's a perfectly fine gameplay idea.

Very satisfying!

Hahaha just as crazy as it looked on the thread, hilarious and fun :v

Awesome game, this was very fun to play!

It took me a moment to get a hang of the mechanics but they're really fun! It would be awesome to see a larger game like this. Great work!

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Amazing game! Good gameplay idea, good incorporation of the theme, cute graphics, cute story, good music, everything's so good and it even runs on Game Boy!

Nice game and good idea!

Funny and cute game!

Cool game!

Very cute game with a positive message!

Cool system with the paint splatters and fits the theme perfectly!

Good idea and cute game! I had trouble interacting with some things, like I had to be in a specific spot to be able to do it.

Thank you so much! It's called Lemon Machine

This game is a total slam dunk!

I can't believe I didn't try this life-changing game earlier despite the numerous recommendations. This is something monumental: I don't think we'll see anything quite like it in our lifetimes.

A truly groundbreaking and innovative game. I'm particularly impressed with the shape of the seagull's beak