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Please see if there is a problem with it this is my favorite game.

Chainsaw guy could get it

At first I thought of Dead Rising, This was different. I loved every moment except that there was a checkpoint. Please please put a checkpoint, I loved my weapons breaking and having to find something quick it was fun. Now in the end it got insanely hard then the breaking made it harder to withstand the horde. Even with the zombies becoming bat things I could actually vibe with. A zombie who was puking missed me and broke a table with its puke while I was fighting other zombies. Like combat was odd and it got hectic even with the ps1 graphics it felt realistic. Please make another one!!! 

DUDE this is one of the best games on here!!! PLEASE tell me you will continue it!!!

Hey is this a remake??? I swear I have played this before.

To slow

Only one game and this is your first? holy crap you need to make more.

As soon as I read Germany I knew we were in some shit.

Pleas add a save option

at the binocular scene it will not let you get off

whos the one with the crazy eyes on the ground

PLEASE FIX after this update I can't play and this is my favorite thing is this game posted somewhere else???

I thought for sure i knew who it was

I have to say the mini game was unnecessary and annoying it ruined the whole game I could not get past.

there is a bug where when you run upstairs you barely move it takes you forever to get up the steps

With peace and love I know this is Itch IO and you can't expect a million dollar game.However Itch IO has laid out some of the best games I have seen. With all this being said this game was not good. The gameplay was clucky it made it hard to play. The whole time dynamic where we had to sit and wait for the time pass was ridiculous.The plot made no sense it felt like at first there was a monster in the house. Every footstep sounded like a creature was somewhere in the apartment.It than came off as a illness spreading? The flu the black lines everywhere gave me the impression the apartment itself was molding. You gave no idea that this had anything to do with death from the past? Was he dead? Did he drink and kill his family? Was his mom responsible for whoever died? It made no sense and I was close to quitting but wanted to finish it hoping there would be something rewarding it was not.

Yeah i no longer can play i have tried and it wont pass the car ride.

This game could blow up and lore could def be abundant.

and the stomach part is better than the short. I found the feet part kinda funny…

Shit well I couldn’t play it the whole way so I didn’t know until just now. Sorry about that The Kid In My Camera is one of my favorites! I came here to actually commend the message at the end before I knew you did include it. I told my husband that The Kid Behind The Camera should be shown in schools. Of course leave the feet out but I wish a message at the end was made. You did that and as a parent when I watched the short I really really had hoped somewhere it has that memo. 

I have to call you out is this inspired by The Kid With A Camera???

after starting it like this is one of my favorites i play every update. If i go on Steam it wont even let me download it.

If i try to play the itch io version it crashes after the demo start. I can not even download it on Steam this is one of my all time favorites please fix

HEY the new update wont work and i love this game!!!!

Okay so it glitched for me freezing, well I have to say this was amazing despite having to do it over it messed up on the under the porch scene.


The game is to glitchy

PLEASE refund Save Your Baby

I used to be all about graphics being extremely picky. Because of PC that changed, I got my first laptop and PC was all i knew horror wise online.

Thats alot of ass

I agree I could not se

How do you make it full screen?

the game is broken after you fall asleep your stuck

The controls are horrible its so hard to move but another wise its beautiful and unique.

I like it but I  am stuck at the numbers on the register.

the game was fun  and i dont think it should be in the horror category.