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I agree.  

Please let it just be $100 worth of Bad Rats.

I'll make sure to check it out :)

Thanks for the feedback!  I literally created this in a few hours just for fun, so "pointless" is probably the most accurate description this game can get.

Weirdly, the first time I saw the comic, I immediately though of one of those dumb games kids play where the point of the game is to not think about it.  As soon as you think about it, you lose.  I have a feeling Randall doesn't know about this game, so I interpreted it differently afterwords.

Similarly, I thought the comic was about "the game of life", but mostly about the competition that spawns from unnecessary social constructs. I think the comic is basically saying "hey, be you, stop worrying about everything else".  My game, I believe, can be interpreted the same way.  As soon as you click start, the game tells you you've won; You don't have to compete or put in effort.  Since you've won the game, all that's left to do is live.

However, I understand you're interpretation as well.  Plus, comics are art, and art is subjective.  Since games are also art, then this is an art piece about an art piece, so it's super subjective.

Anyways, thanks for the time you took to express your thoughts!

(sorry about the small number of "winning" cards.  As I said, I created it in a few hours, and only finished it about 15 minutes before the deadline.)

You're buildup makes it even funnier!  Good job

I created my menu using color-coded single-pixel buttons. That might be a bad idea though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  Any other info, like credits, can always added to the game's page.  

Nice game!  Will there be controller support?

The game is pretty fun. I especially like the death 'animations'.

A very interesting take on a murder mystery. I'm sooo glad I found out what killed the Distritube!