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thanks a lot for playing!

use Alt + Enter to fullscreen. also true, in the update abilities are going to have descriptions underneath them

flattered thanks  :)

thanks this has been fixed now!

thanks a lot for your feedback! luckily I've been able to fix the spam issue by rebalancing and limiting the amount of clicks in a second (weird I know but works just fine haha) 2 dices is a really cool idea, I'll keep it mind :)

a very fun and super stylish game! amazing character design really with great moody palette, the mechanic also felt great, amazing

as always a brilliant and lovely game. especially enjoyed different enemies with a glimpse at thier personality (the basic window!). also very original take on the mechanic, great stuff all over :>

awesome lil game squishy! love the player fella and your level design :)

thank you i totally agree with all of these, sadly couldn't fix such balance problems in such short time but definitely gonna consider that for the future deveopment

one of my very fav games from the jam. absolutely adore the art stye and super chunky fun gameplay. so fun to smash them humans with the dice, amazing truly

stay calm yokin (great score!)

new huge boogagulon game! a concept with a lot of potential, with the randomess in it, it turned out to get a lil frustrating sometimes imo but quality wise insane as always. very funky music and enemies heh

man super original take on the theme, great visualization too. i would say the game is definitely a bit too hard for me lol i only got to wave 10. perhaps a way to dodge/deflect bullets woulda been nice. great job!

thank you! true yeah, later on it's pretty much jumping around and kind of spamming

thanks a lot dwarf!

heh thanks a lot! yeah i wish we had time to add more abilities with less precise shooting patterns but well. excited to try your game!


ahh thanks a lot mmat! can't wait to try your submission >:)

thanks :)

ah well, it was a bit frustrating without it so i thought it could help control the situation a bit better

thank you!


ah true thank you!

really good game, has not cured my crack addiciton tho try better next time noel

you again


yokin average hardcore enjoyer

thank you! ye something like that woulda been very helpful

thank a lot!

thank you :>

thanks a lot!

ye sorry for that, it also just could have been LMB.  thanks for playing :>

i love this fuckin g game. literally no reasonn to say that cuz its made by blab!

super fun take on the theme with really clever design and of course mindblowinng polish. a little note tho, i think the game is a bit too easy and if demons had higher damage it would add up quite nicely :>

tysm :>


new blabberf game! its real!

totally didn't spend a lot of time making tunes using the menu 

damn sorry to disappoint 

thank you!

shitfarm is more