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* sorry was able to figure it out! always happens after you ask haha:

for someone like me, use SetTextUpdate() and insert your return function like so

heyo! amazing tool with lots of great stuff, perhaps i'm missing something but I can't find a way for a text to display a value that's not just in local data but instead takes the variable from somewhere else, e.g. Player X: ob_plr.x and refresh data doesn't seem to be changing anything. Would appreciate the help, thanks in advance!


thank you so much! very useful feedback, the frog jump will be definitely reworked into something more convenient for everyone :) and please don't feel like you're doing something wrong! there are multiple ways to beat levels and some extra things were added on purpose so everyone can have their own way

thanks a lot for playing!


thank you so much for your time and feedback, glad that you enjoyed the game :) will write down your notes

thank you so much! marked down your notes :)

thank you dwarf :)


i am blown away by how minimalisticly good this is. executed to the sheer perfection and gives a great time. very kindanice 

thank you so much that means a lot to us! hi to your friends

you can use "J" for that! or Arrow keys with Z/X

hahah thank you!



thank you :)


thanks a lot! the full version is coming to Steam soon and indeed has a rebalanced jumping :)


thank you for playing! yeah unfortunately the jam version can be juiced pretty easily 

thank you!

thanks for playing haha!

thanks for playing! was very fun to watch your reactions haha 


thanks a lot for playing!

use Alt + Enter to fullscreen. also true, in the update abilities are going to have descriptions underneath them

flattered thanks  :)

thanks this has been fixed now!

thanks a lot for your feedback! luckily I've been able to fix the spam issue by rebalancing and limiting the amount of clicks in a second (weird I know but works just fine haha) 2 dices is a really cool idea, I'll keep it mind :)

a very fun and super stylish game! amazing character design really with great moody palette, the mechanic also felt great, amazing

as always a brilliant and lovely game. especially enjoyed different enemies with a glimpse at thier personality (the basic window!). also very original take on the mechanic, great stuff all over :>

awesome lil game squishy! love the player fella and your level design :)

thank you i totally agree with all of these, sadly couldn't fix such balance problems in such short time but definitely gonna consider that for the future deveopment

one of my very fav games from the jam. absolutely adore the art stye and super chunky fun gameplay. so fun to smash them humans with the dice, amazing truly

stay calm yokin (great score!)

new huge boogagulon game! a concept with a lot of potential, with the randomess in it, it turned out to get a lil frustrating sometimes imo but quality wise insane as always. very funky music and enemies heh

man super original take on the theme, great visualization too. i would say the game is definitely a bit too hard for me lol i only got to wave 10. perhaps a way to dodge/deflect bullets woulda been nice. great job!

thank you! true yeah, later on it's pretty much jumping around and kind of spamming

thanks a lot dwarf!