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hey sorry for a super late reply uh didn't notice your comment, thanks glad you liked the game and yeah i totally agree that it may not be for everyone, especially considering how difficult it really is, so yeah :D

sorry i don't know if i'll be working more on a game yet, but if i will, i may add this

thanks, i tried to make levels short as possible fitting them in screen width size but still leave them entertaining, but some levels def may get some balancing

no you can't swing your head, that's the mechanic, you can't jump with a head but you can stick to any surface around by keyboard keys, and while it's off, you can jump

thanks :)

thank you, yes sadly there's no music or any sounds because one of our team mates was very busy and couldn't make anything

it would have made the game a bit too easy and i really wanted the 'throw up- jump - grab - throw right' move so yeah


thank you, glad you like it! Yeah initially it was the idea to not let the player to pick up the head from spikes, but it turned to be a bit frustrating i agree

this so charming and interesting, lovely strategy game, also the dialogues are really funny

haha thanks)

thanks, yeah sorry, wish there was more time


Ah that's really great and so clever, designing levels with those 3 rule changing mechanics must have been very tricky) the amount of polish and game feel attention for 72 hours is amazing, really liked all the cutscenes and the story with it texts (especially the ending) great job, always something to learn from your games)

Thanks, glad you liked it

thank you very much for your feedback its very important. Yes wall jumping needs a lot of more work to put in as well as controlling some slide momentum. As well as the level system, yes sorry its quite punishing, throwing back to first level at same row could have been better working practice. Really glad you liked it, currently planning to make a little post-jam improvements and level system change is def here)

hey congrats, sadly nothing but thats a big achievement considering how hard the game is)

yeah games difficulty needs some balancing post-jam, thanks for your feedback)

Man that's so joy! Absolutely had some good chill time here, never imagined myself um taking photos of strangers but it appeared to be quite fun) i especially really like the idea, because it makes you remember all the targets and not only focusing on one, to not run out of time. Those dialogues were a special piece to keep attention on, Gregg was rooking here lol. Great job as well as sounds and music fit the atmosphere perfectly!

Thanks, glad you liked it) edges problem and difficult wall jumping is the things that need improvements, def games fault, so no worries

thanks, really glad you liked it! Yeah the game went being too difficult actually, but a samurai way ain't easy, so good job on that)

thanks glad you liked it, yeah longer and easier tutorial def would have helped better, thanks for your feedback

hey much thanks, glad you liked it, I'll try to jump into this bug post-jam and also improve the wall jumping since it's quite hard to execute

thanks for your feedback, yeah sorry for wall jumping, it quite needed some polish, i'll notice your suggestions

Thanks, glad you liked it)

I'll notice that, thanks glad you liked it)

thank you so much, not many people mastered the difficulty since it may have been too much one hell of a challenge, so yeah. I'll notice your suggestion about the movement

sure, here's my ds Frogrammer#4722

He got replaced by some nerd sadly

I can't say enough how happy am I reading this, thank you so much

thank you very much, yeah as everyone told the game is too difficult and level system doesn't give enough to master it. im really happy you find some inspiration here so gl with your projects!

thanks for your feedback) yes the level system went quite punishing as well as many other stuff in the game, so I agree it might had some changes, like throwing at the start of current row or even having chance to restart the level, and also yeah I might need jump into this bug as soon as the jam voting ends, thanks for letting me know!

Well it's an interesting concept but some things should better stay small and maybe always live as a jam game,  especially the level system doesn't pretend to have many levels so yeah

thank you so much, this made my day lol, i'm really happy you liked it)

thanks very much, im very happy you liked it) I'll take your suggestions 

Lol this was very fun, extremely interesting and fresh idea that I personally didn't expect. It's done very well, although it has some buttons clicking bugs, voice acting and jokes are just great. Kinda sorry for the narrator but sure he'll be fine soon. Good job guys)

Oh I really like this spooky setting man) with these squids on a background especially. Controls felt little too simple but they were easy to use so, i just feel like some air momentum could spice some stuff there. However I absolutely enjoyed the theme interpretation, very interesting and fun original concept. Very good job for 72 hours, even the boss at the end, as always beautiful)

Hey that was a lot of fun) Like the visuals, level design and very straight-forward theme interpretation, good job guys

thank you very much, im really happy you liked it)

Thanks, im glad you liked it) sorry for hard controls and short time limits, after everyone being frustrated by them, I surely know the game came out being too hard