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ty :)

i just love the idea of putting my favorite bitsy games into a little extractable and then passing that around to people like a mixtape

ive been interested in bitsy on and off for a couple years now, so i took this jam as a chance to publish something complete :) its sort of inspired by my very first (unfinished) bitsy project, which was going to be set in post-apocalypse winter plains (hence the blue color palette) with an open world packed in detail and wacky characters and winding quests and a grand storyline!!!

now that i think about it, this game sort of ended up as the opposite of that

this is so cute and feels great to play... i love walking around and fishing for people

i survived 154 seconds :) very short and sweet

this is really nice, feels really elegant to play. could make a cool card game as well. hard though, 36 is my highest score so far

one suggestion i have is that you should make the repertoire menu hide itself when dialogue appears! since they're both on the right side, there was a moment i thought the game had bugged out when the repertoire menu hid the dialogue.

the fridge thing was so unexpected but so great. that scene really made me realize how much the game had to offer. also, detection was one of my lowest stats and i love the dumbass choices i get because of that, like how i can insist there's nothing in the fridge.

also the amount of times the dialogue options have fooled me into being awkward... gotta remember to retain some common sense when playing this game.

i don't play a lot of point and click adventure games but i had a lot of fun, i think i'll check out clam man 1 after this!

thanks!! glad u liked it!

the player animation is Super satisfying, i just wish it wasn't as laggy! (i'm playing on safari)

ey this is real cute and fun, but am i supposed to get stuck at the sub eater? the level doesn't end and i haven't got a visible health bar anymore!

the important thing is that you tried your best :,) thanks for playing

love how they struggle before they die :)

simple and sweet. the way the thread works is very satisfying -- every way i loop it works! art, music, and code all come together well. great job!

i love the concept, and the puzzles were nicely designed! but it was super frustrating personally because for some reason clicks would only register about ten percent of the time. it doesn't seem like anybody else has had the same problem, so i'll assume it's a problem on my end? (i'm on a 2020 macbook pro.)

other than that, i found myself wishing i knew how well i was doing. if there were more specific milestones (for example, getting stars for how well you did, or being able to see how other people did) i think it would help me figure out how much room for improvement there might be.

overall great game, good job :)

i got a 2510 :) love tetris so this was a fun challenge! tense in the best way.

i found myself paying less attention to the right side overall. i think because i didn't have experience in arkanoid, i didn't feel any urgency about missing the ball. i think a couple more sound effects and indicators could help communicate what affects the score. overall great job!

hahaha thanks for playing!

i've never encountered a bug like that before, thanks for letting me know!

I wish the spikes were a little more lenient, I died on them a lot. But overall it was a fun game! It's got ton of room for expansion :)

thanks for the feedback! i'm hesitant to explain how the game works in these comments because i don't know if that would be unfair for jam rating, but that's one of the things i regret the most: not giving the player enough information!

thanks stranger ;)

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my god... this looks so good. i didn't even realize this was a gmtk jam submission til i was sold. tell me you're releasing a mac build after the rating period!!

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love the sounds and the visual style so much! feels super fun to play. i could see this becoming a full game! i like the detail of how balloons pop on spikes.

this was made in scratch!? wow

the game is short and cute. good job :)

aw man this looks so similar to what i envisioned in my head for one of the ideas i had during this jam!! i'm on mac tho :( wish i could play!

i love it! love the last recipe's song LMFAO. it does get a bit hard to tell between similar colors and small shapes when it gets complex like in the last level. i had to use foodshape mode there. overall, unique take on the theme!

really nicely made game. much harder than i expected it to be at the beginning -- there's a great curve to the difficulty. i was afraid at first that the puzzles would be the kind where i could get away with randomly clicking until something worked, but these levels keep me thoughtful. great job!

ahh yeah i was playing through it after uploading and realized that i hadn't made it clear at all how the partners worked. it's supposed to be that every 30 seconds they do a bit of work. complaints about their old partners are from the last 30-second mark, but i think i would change the way that works if i were to update this game. thanks so much for the good feedback :)


cute cactus :) i named mine bobe. i wasn't even a big pets game kid but the scrubbing mechanic is so nostalgic. 

i won :)

i really like the simple gameplay! it was a different way of looking at numbers than i'm used to. it is mostly luck, but there's just enough control over your cards to make winning and losing feel meaningful. great job!!

ty <3

im on the mac build - wish i could resize the window or go fullscreen but the options dont work for me :(

other than that, i love the aesthetic of the game!!! the title and graphics makes it feel like a default game i'd find on my first pc, if that makes sense (it's nostalgic). i think it would be more fun if the map were bigger and u could rly ZOOM around faster :) good job!

thank u threeli :)

if you like this you should check out the work of devs like Porpentine and Brendan Patrick Hennessy :) you can find them on and their work heavily inspired this game


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what is a move?

edit: jaja

that smooth! i loved stepping in n out of the pond

love the style. good luck on ur games :)

mori and vitas.. haha i like it. this is cute!