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lovely video :)

but i don't think it matters that most people will not really care about it. i think it would be concerning if everybody cared about it.

this cycle is so real

floor 99... corner of my mind...

can i leave now

love these rhythms

thank you <3

i can't wait to play all my videogames with the videotroller

its not downloadable :(

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just read this comment and the one by @GingerBread... i know a bit of javascript. if you want, i could take a look at the code and try to figure out the issue?

ha i got it from a different comment a long time ago. happy to be passing it on

dunno why it took me so long to figure out how the ghosts moved but thats cool

oh what the hell this is so COOL! this feels like it could be an actual part of the stanley parable series. spoilers in b64...


what a delightful comment... this is one of my favorite ways of playing games. thanks for playing!!

The ending makes it worth it.

(i went on a shopping spree)

this is the kind of game that you can master. the first level was most difficult for me because i didn't quite understand how to get the letters that i wanted, but the more i played, the easier it got and the more satisfying the game became :) the gameplay reminds me a lot of trying to solve a rubiks cube.

i also loved the feel of "stamping" inked letters onto paper. 

this was a lot of fun, and a different way of making music than i'm used to, so pretty cool as a creative tool as well. i like the idea of using different characters as well. nice work!!

this game makes very nice use of the theme. it's also got great style :) i agree with a lot of the other comments about wanting a stronger sense of progression and more feedback from the game.

despite its sunny disposition, the gameplay evokes a darker mood... every time a hero dies, because they're unrevivable, it feels like a great loss. the enemies continuously coming at you, getting progressively stronger with no indication of stopping makes me feel like i want to retreat and catch my breath instead of charging forward. that kind of dissonance is cool to me. if you were to keep working on the game, you could lean into that if you wanted to.

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oh someone made the same comparison first :0

if postcards were games :,)

this is such a complete game for 48 hours. all the different characters are so charming too. also it's kinda deceptively hard!!

playing this game is like trying to rub my belly and pat my head at the same time. surprisingly challenging to keep up! 

you leave great comments. thanks for leaving one here too :)

maybe one of the coolest this jam. it may be statistically impossible to get to the top of the tower, but fortunately i have insane luck

i LOVE that this was physics based. who knew rolling dice could feel so much like flipping things in a frying pan??? the relaxing music and voice over is a treat. very tricky to get multiple dice though, unless i get lucky.

this game makes me feel like a bad person

i'm sorry to hear that! it's probably because of the background animation. i've attached a text file version of the manifesto that you can download :)

i finally beat very hard :D very fun to figure out


this is perfect

hahaha yeah the ramp is pretty steep! thanks for playing, and sweet score

pretty nice prototype!! that constellation map is sweet

in my original ideation document i wrote a lot about "blocks"

i made a couple sketches to try and figure out what the blocks would look like, and it wasn't too long before i got hooked on the fish-shaped blocks. now this game is about fish <˚ ><

yeah. i'm not really concerned with passing, it's just that i got this general fear of rejection yknow, and while i was playing i kept thinking "these thoughts are not that bad" (not as bad as some intrusive thoughts i've had) and "if this is how most people think then i've probably got nothing to worry about". that's why i was surprised, when i thought i got the "bad ending", because it was a good ending for me.

anyway, i see now it isn't really a game with "good" and "bad" endings. sorry if my comments were a bit heavy... i thought your game was really nice!

not gonna lie i was really surprised when the main character said "i don't pass". i think i was expecting worse thoughts. i actually like that, feels like im probably going to be fine

if it helps, i don't plan on really sticking to my manifesto. someone should have written an anti-manifesto ha

really feels like a day at the beach :)

thats a great point. that's part of the difficulty i found in writing about repetition. it was easy to get loose with the definition in my mind and start calling a lot of adjacent/similar things "repetition"... but i think that just goes to show how core of a concept it is. thanks for reading!

> they show us the cages that we have put ourselves in.

being able to do this alone would be such the feat. reminds me a lot of the little prince.

this manifesto is a good reminder of what we can do :)