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I liked this a lot. Thank you for making this and posting it! I liked the line about the software deciding it has a spirit, I'm going to start thinking like that too. 

i really loved this. thank you

i loved this. thank you

i'm so pumped for this!!

This is wonderful!

This was really cute and thoughtful! 

i audibly gasped when i saw him!! what a creature! 

I liked this a lot :-)

i liked this a lot. :-) 

this was cute. :) i also liked that you included a soundtrack.

i hate this. thank you.

well, that was creepy. 

well done.

hell yeah! :-)

i loved the demo. i cannot wait for more. i was sucked into this world immediately.

this series, specifically this game, has inspired me to make my very own visual novel. i love this game so deeply... thank you so much for making it.

the scale of this feels so deeply sad. i never realized how big this situation was until now, which makes me feel like an idiot.

thank you for this. i will wash my hands and continue to pray. God bless.

this was very good. please make more.

that was a fun little game. i very much enjoyed it and the neon colors :-)