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I had so much fun exploring how the residents in my funky planet would eat, the descriptor words were well picked out and awoke such wondeful and whimsical fantasy worlds in my head. Very very fun!

I'd love to play god and make some new friends (although the people living with me might not be overjoyed) I can always just ditch humans and live amongst the fungi civilization I create! 

Incredibly cathartic to be validated by a game! It made me smile, it made me think, but mostly just made me feel like a queer hero who can take on the world. Thank you!


Thank you!! ^-^

Thank youu! I was kind of scared that with so few words it wouldn't be too straight forward, I'm glad you liked it ^-^

Thank you so much! I am a huge dice hoarder so I just had to bring in a few from my collection ^-^

As someone with a distinct lack of coordination and very very easily frustrated I was super surprised at how quickly I picked up the movement mechanic! I had a lovely time and it feels so rewarding!

Drawing here is so fun, challenging, engaging and relaxing, the music is just too good.

I feel attacked by a cute dino

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Actually sort of wholesome (holesome hehe)

I just got 101 cats! The achievement feels like the perfect way to end such an adorable journey🌸