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I'm hoping one day this title rises from the grave. Because I still love it. <3

Finally finished! I loved the first episode, but the tone and themes explored in this episode go much beyond the first and it was sooo well done! I don't want to spoil the game in the comments so the most I am going to say is I am proud of our orange haired gal. <3

Looking forward to episode 3, please take your time~

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This was very adorable! I do love the mood the game gives off with its art style and use of warm colors vs cool colors in stressful scenes. I think Unit 03 is my fav~ 

Onto the next one!

Looking forward to it!

Loved the soundtrack to the game as well, thank you for providing it in 24-bit FLAC!

Nothing short of amazing. I haven't really read/watched much of Hong Kong related media and since playing I feel I need to do so now. Both Michelle and Sam are adorable as well. Thank you for releasing an amazing vn~ <3

I played this WAYYYY to late, but from everything I heard it definitely met expectations and beyond. I hope in one form or another see Alex again. <3

It's been quite an experience playing this series since the first jam when you submitted One Night, Hot Springs. I'm happy how far this series has come! Just wanted to say thank you for what you've done~ <3

This was so sweet! Take your time with the rest of the game, I'm sure it will be amazing. (^~ ^)

Adorable. <3

Very minimal design, but the writing is fantastic, and I love the customization. Well done! <3

Finally got around to playing this. You've definitely learned some new techniques since your last title and it shows! Other than the art (which I am pretty sure I mentioned is super cute, great work @DarkChibiShadow!) I really love how animated they are, it gives them life compared to other VN's I play. Um... Everything is good really. I love it and can't wait for the full game, best of luck! <3

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! (^^)

That... was not what I was expecting. Great work! (^^)

Yeah, making this game was quite a learning experience. I hope to improve a lot of my techniques overtime. Thanks for playing! 

Do it! (^-^) 

Wow! I didn't know you did so much in the past. I can definitely say I am at a funky part of my life where I am shuffling between retail work (boo, but need monies) and indie game development (yay, but doesn't make much money.)

I can't form my full thoughts into words, but... it was great to hear someone else's story, and while it's not a super duper major ultra success story. I think it will help keep me going with game dev. (^^)

Anyways, great read/speech! <3

Aww... I didn't think it would go that far, but I'm happy you enjoyed it. And that's awesome! *high five*

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Awesome!  I'm always trying to find more LGBT sci-fi stuff. Oh yeah, minor thing. I would recommend you go back and just check the formatting of the game. Some sentences don't have a space. The spelling look fine though.

Again, I loved it. Look forward to more. (^_^) 

This one really surprised me. I love it! Hope there is more in the future. (^-^)

Thank you. (^-^) 

I love the pixel art, and the game itself does remind me of some classics. Well done!

*slime feeding intensifies*

Looking forward to the full version. (^^)

That was sweet. (^^)

This was so sweet! I'll have to try and get the other endings later on. (^-^)

Glad you enjoyed it. (^. ^) 

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Look forward to late this year... maybe... 
and thank you! <3

Thank you! <3

I just finished it, getting ending 9. I guess that's good? Regardless, I really like the game and the characters themselves, Cecelia especially. ^^

This was REALLY good! <3

I am not good at leaving positive comments other than saying I really liked it, so... I really liked it! ^^'