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This was so sweet! Take your time with the rest of the game, I'm sure it will be amazing. (^~ ^)

Adorable. <3

Very minimal design, but the writing is fantastic, and I love the customization. Well done! <3

Finally got around to playing this. You've definitely learned some new techniques since your last title and it shows! Other than the art (which I am pretty sure I mentioned is super cute, great work @DarkChibiShadow!) I really love how animated they are, it gives them life compared to other VN's I play. Um... Everything is good really. I love it and can't wait for the full game, best of luck! <3

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! (^^)

That... was not what I was expecting. Great work! (^^)

Yeah, making this game was quite a learning experience. I hope to improve a lot of my techniques overtime. Thanks for playing! 

Do it! (^-^) 

Wow! I didn't know you did so much in the past. I can definitely say I am at a funky part of my life where I am shuffling between retail work (boo, but need monies) and indie game development (yay, but doesn't make much money.)

I can't form my full thoughts into words, but... it was great to hear someone else's story, and while it's not a super duper major ultra success story. I think it will help keep me going with game dev. (^^)

Anyways, great read/speech! <3

Aww... I didn't think it would go that far, but I'm happy you enjoyed it. And that's awesome! *high five*

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Awesome!  I'm always trying to find more LGBT sci-fi stuff. Oh yeah, minor thing. I would recommend you go back and just check the formatting of the game. Some sentences don't have a space. The spelling look fine though.

Again, I loved it. Look forward to more. (^_^) 

This one really surprised me. I love it! Hope there is more in the future. (^-^)

Thank you. (^-^) 

I love the pixel art, and the game itself does remind me of some classics. Well done!

*slime feeding intensifies*

Looking forward to the full version. (^^)

That was sweet. (^^)

This was so sweet! I'll have to try and get the other endings later on. (^-^)

Glad you enjoyed it. (^. ^) 

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Look forward to late this year... maybe... 
and thank you! <3

Thank you! <3

I just finished it, getting ending 9. I guess that's good? Regardless, I really like the game and the characters themselves, Cecelia especially. ^^

This was REALLY good! <3

I am not good at leaving positive comments other than saying I really liked it, so... I really liked it! ^^'