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That does look easier to read! The bolder choice stands out more too~

Just finished the demo. This is a great start! I'm sure y'all have a lot of work ahead of y'all, but this looks promising. I love the character designs, but what I really appreciate throughout is the background art all throughout with the combination of high contrast colors and pixel art. The sound design and what music there was is also a delight~

One minor note, I had to revert the font to deja vu sans in the accessibility menu due to readability. I usually don't do too well with a lot of modern pixel fonts. Just an accessibility thing for myself personally. This is just a demo though, I'm sure y'all plan to do a lot of stuff regarding the UI later on.

Looking forward to the full release~

This was really sweet! Lovely artwork all throughout~

Thanks for playing and all the positive feedback! The next one is going to take a bit since it's not for a game jam like these last two, but the wait will be worth it~

This game really was a joy to play throughout, looking forward to more gay shit. (^~ ^)

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"It's the worst place ever, but it's my home and I love it for that."
Relatable lines that go hard.

That was hot, tense, stressful, and fucked up. In the end though, I hope all these girls turn out okay. I loved it.

Relatable in regards to comforting my partner. Not in a shootout situation, but similar. <3

A short but lovely story. I love both Yara and Aparecida, how they look after and comfort each other. When they hugged I felt joy seeing these two together, moreso during the ending scene of them in front of their new home in one of the endings. Regardless of which choice the player takes, it's nice to see they'll have a happy ending, regardless of what the characters go through.

(I also love Yara's design~)

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Thank you so much for the support~ <3

I promise I won't take forever, but I do want to make this next one a bit more lengthy. Looking to be around 30k words (most likely more) right now with what I have planned.

Happy the game is doing well since the bundle released~

Interesting concept, love to see more of these two~

I can appreciate a general slice of life with some good mushy feelings all throughout. I enjoyed it~

Heya, y'all used one of my sounds in the game and I decided to check it out. Really love the sound design all throughout, the minimal visuals really pop out, and the gameplay with micro games blends in well.

Cool play, looking forward to the next part~

That teaser at the super duper end, can't wait for the trauma!

I have friends and mutuals that got into sex work, but I never knew what the experience was like. I never asked, nor did they ever share. I share a lot of the same sentiment from the many comments posted below, so the most I can say is thank you for sharing that experience.

and I think she'll be fine. Maybe we'll find out in the future. ;)

Thank you~

Love the art style~

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This was such a beautiful entry, thank you.

Played for an hour, bodies piled up in the waiting room to the point everyone gave up, got stressed over a cross word puzzle, ended up not getting my meds while being misgendered on top of it. 

All and all I'd say a pretty accurate representation of the NHS. 11/10

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fukin' hot cheztoes.
For real though, this was adorbs. Happy for these two~

Really love the art~

Started a fire, stole some boots, and yeeted myself. (^o ^)


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Had to wrap my head around it for a few days. I definitely related to this in some parts and how it relates to my current relationship with my girlfriend right now. Really do appreciate the care put into the writing, but for also how relatable and real it feels. Well done. <3

Can confirm it works in Ren'Py 8 just fine, love how easy it is to implement in my recent vn!

Wishing the best. <3

Looking forward to the official release!!


Finally finished! I loved the first episode, but the tone and themes explored in this episode go much beyond the first and it was sooo well done! I don't want to spoil the game in the comments so the most I am going to say is I am proud of our orange haired gal. <3

Looking forward to episode 3, please take your time~

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This was very adorable! I do love the mood the game gives off with its art style and use of warm colors vs cool colors in stressful scenes. I think Unit 03 is my fav~ 

Onto the next one!

Looking forward to it!

Loved the soundtrack to the game as well, thank you for providing it in 24-bit FLAC!

Nothing short of amazing. I haven't really read/watched much of Hong Kong related media and since playing I feel I need to do so now. Both Michelle and Sam are adorable as well. Thank you for releasing an amazing vn~ <3

I played this WAYYYY to late, but from everything I heard it definitely met expectations and beyond. I hope in one form or another see Alex again. <3

It's been quite an experience playing this series since the first jam when you submitted One Night, Hot Springs. I'm happy how far this series has come! Just wanted to say thank you for what you've done~ <3