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Can't get Mario above a walking speed, might be related to dead zones? Using a Switch Pro Controller if that might affect it

This was cool and cute and the mechanics came together well. Last level is a bit rough though.

Super cute! I couldn't figure out how to interact with the prison girls though. Also wasd movement stopped working at some point but I'm not sure what triggered it? Maybe it was just tabbing in and out?

Any advice getting a Switch Pro controller working? Tried Big Picture mode on Steam and everything worked but the left analog stick. DS4Windows didn't work at all.

Having some trouble with my Switch Pro Controller, I can look around with the right analogue stick but no movement on left?

Hi! Loved the demo and tossed some cash your way for development. Here's a few bugs and things I found (I was playing with a Switch Pro Controller):

You're able to start 'walking' before the loading screen is over. This doesn't move the character, but it does make humourous footstep sounds. 

During the second section in the town, the FILE/MAP/EXIT buttons didn't light up properly.

Other people already said it but where to save in the second area is a bit confusing. 

On the title screen I had to press Enter on the keyboard to start a new game. None of my controller's face buttons worked (although I could arrow up and down fine). 

Looking forward to the next update!

Really good and original!

I tried using a bomb and the game crashed. Pretty fun though.

Well thanks for the interest! The game kind of ridiculously underperformed (500 downloads in about 18 months and exactly 1 comment) which killed my motivation a bit but it's not ruled out entirely at this point.

Really cool game! Only thing I can think of that you could add is a stage select since the game is quite long.

Absolutely amazing game! Day 1 buy for me.

Game is cool but it seems a bit too easy to fall to your death for how many holes there are.

Very spooky!