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Excuse me, 5 minutes fastest win?? I won at 5:38 and thought that was crazy fast. Tell me more about that!

Works thanks so much!

Thanks a lot! I don't think the link is working or downloading anything though!
Will give it a spin as soon as I can. Cheers

Hey! Thanks so much for the response and effort.

I know you have looked into already, but as far as I know you can completely ignore all the stuff about signing / notarizing the app and needing Xcode and a Mac. I think you can just export normally and than Mac users will have to run the app unsigned, which is how most indie stuff is exported to Mac anyways.

Feel free to not bother with the hassle, but in case you do look into again, I think it can be much simpler! 

If you ever end up building something, I'm happy to test. Cheers!

Game looks like it's a banger. Any chance we get a mac build? Happy to test it for you.

Cheers and congratulations!

Glad to follow the game's development. Will try and get a few games in soon and share some feedback. Keep up the great work!

Looking good! Great changes as always, look forward to playing the new version.

Like it very much! Expanding is always welcome but as is I think it's great already.

One issue I have is geysers seem a bit 'overpowered' in the sense that they create vast ocean spaces too quickly. I'm not sure but would assume you can exploit that with the sea abilities too.

Maybe limit the geyser spread a bit? For thought... 

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Looking forward to it.
By the way, have managed to get maybe 3-4 runs in since my last few comments, and the game balance is so good!
I've died quickly all times, which I think goes to show the danger level is great! Sprinting to the altar feels good too, and gives a sense of urgency I think was one of the few points missing before.

Hopefully will be able to play more soon!

Dig the new game page! Any chance for an updated mac download?

Great game! Any chance of a mac download?

Incredible job for a 7DRL! Very engaging loop and polish is unbelievable.

Any hope for a mac version?

Nice! Changes sound great, I'll try and report back if I can after playing, but in any case, thanks for the  continued support to an already awesome game!

Hey I saw a new update out but no blog post - just curious what the changes were (expecting to jump in this weekend) =)


Happy to keep this discussion going, and super happy that ideas are useful! 

I'll be looking forward to the updates and playing this new version in the meantime!

Btw, agreed on your comment re not subtracting points. My main concern balance-wise there was to create a system where a player would not be able / incentivized to wander right (away from the VOID) endlessly, after fully upgrading, and achieve a highscore this way - even if slowly.

I think a good way to approach this problem would be: to calculate how much missing an altar should speed up the VOID, in a way so that a player, even with the best upgrades, cannot outrun the VOID for too long without going for altars. These parameters might also be good ways of 'defining' how long the average session goes on for.


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Hey, was passing by to comment on update 3.0 (gave it a quick spin) and just saw 3.1 dropped. Exciting times - like the changes very much! Few of points to consider:
- Snake visually was bugged to me once (tile was all white) - was the only time I saw it
- I do like the idea of dangerous events being more common, which I see 3.1 has implemented
- The Geyser event is neat!
- Altar balance: Do they spawn more than 1 at a time? I think a key consideration to strategy is where the next altar is, especially if it's towards the left / VOID (vs. being on the right side). To make sure there are correct incentives score-wise for players to put themselves in danger to seek the altar, I think (a) the altars points should be much more significant than exploring points and (b) players should lose points AND be penalized by VOID closing in for letting altars be destroyed by the VOID or by other means (i.e. volcano, geyser). A UI note saying "the last altar was destroyed" would be nice. All these comments I  think would work best if only 1 altar spawns at a time, with another one spawning if player either uses the altar or it is  destroyed. And what this aims to do is make sure the endgame is about chasing altars dangerously, and not simply running from the VOID and slowly racking up points endlessly, with little challenge.

Anyways - sorry for the wall of text! Happy to hear what you think about the last point. I think it would really add to the 'balance' of high-scoring the game / making the "endgame" more interesting.

Congratulations again on the game and changes! Keeps getting better!

Looking good! Cool to see these changes dropping in!

Very nice to see the updates dropping in! Will try and give it a spin sometime soon. Changes sound really promising to an already super solid game! Keep em coming (and Mac builds if possible xD).

Thanks for getting back! Very nice to hear an update is in the works focusing on difficulty balance.

I do feel like the game has all the ingredients to be very replayable (more than most "jam" games) - the design choices are incredibly solid, with so many trade-offs and different resources at odds with each other.

I've given it some further thought so might as well share some ideas in case useful at all:
- Adding additional "dangerous" events like the bear or volcano  might be clever, as it would attack two fronts: increase difficulty + add greater variety. Plus, I think it is more interesting dying due to events than simply the VOID moving faster and faster
- On the same point, new "dangerous" events could cause you to lose a random ability - this would be a new type of setback to deal with in addition to food and water
- Since you have the coding in for "cycles", these could probably be used to tweak ramp-up of the VOID. This means being efficient from the start gives you an advantage, which is nice
- Might be worth giving bonus points proportional to time you take to get to the next altar? This incentives sticking to the game's goal and finding the best path towards the altar. Speaking of altars, I'm not sure how many generate at once, but might be worth only 1 (or 2?) generate at once?

Finally, would highly appreciate you keep putting up Mac builds =) (I am more often on that)

Simple to jump into and good fun throughout, congratulations!

One suggestion is implementing HP and damage numbers (or UI) in battle. This will make it easier to understand the battle dynamics and why you lost, to tweak the army composition and positioning next time. Thanks for the game! Cheers!

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Great game! I think the idea and execution are very solid. Polish is incredible too. Some design suggestions + 1 bug report:

- I just got a game that went on for very long, and for this type of game, I believe you should strive for short and sweet sessions where losing is just around the corner (or else it gets repetitive and the player loses the will to think strategically due to fatigue). Being turn-based, this is especially true.

- I'm convinced ramping up the difficulty quicker will make the experience more enjoyable, increasing the feeling that every decision counts. This can be done is several ways (increasing 'bad events' spawn over time, ramping up speed of VOID quicker, adding more 'bad events', etc). To illustrate my point: the most fun I have in the game is when the VOID is near and I have to think carefully where to go next. When the VOID is far away and you are just chasing points, the game is the least enjoyable, in my experience. 

- If you feel increasing difficulty might reduce enjoyment for more casual players, might be worth adding a "hardcore" game mode or similar.

- EDIT: Forgot to add the request to save game - perhaps this would be less important if games were shorter (see points above).

- When switching upgrades, if you hover over the old ones (to be switched out), their text is bugged in several cases (but not always).

Finally, congratulations on making such a clever little game. Looking forward to updates in case you plan on supporting the game further. Cheers!

Had fun, systems are solid and polish is incredible! Maybe having this be a highscore chaser after you 'win' (a la Hoplite) would be cool? This would likely require some more spells or ways to change your build.

Awesome game, incredible result for a 7DRL.

+1 to having downloadable builds (Mac inclusive pls xD). Would be great to play offline.



Sounds good, thanks for the  response once again. All the best!

Thanks =)

Hey, congratulations on the continued work, I've enjoyed my time in CD and will continue to recommend  it to friends.

I've asked before some time ago (almost a year!), but are there any plans of providing a Mac build now that the content update is up? Totally understand if this is a no-go due to time constraints.

I'd be ok in being a Mac build guinea pig though - just saying =). Best of luck!

Looks great! Any chance for a mac build? Cheers

Beautifully designed.

Would the dev be willing to kindly provide desktop downloads to allow for offline  play as well (as I see this was made in unity)? Cheers 

Understood, thanks for the reply!

Any chance for a Mac build? Thanks, cheers

That's cool, looking forward to your next project.

I haven't played Hades so it wasn't deliberate - was thinking more of Dream Quest / Slay the Spire achievements.

If you do come back to Cantrip I'll be sure to check it out / happy to help with feedback! Cheers

Very enjoyable card game - thanks for this. Really has a "sandbox" draft feeling where one has the joy of experimenting/discovering synergies. Great for coffee-breaks!

Not sure if there are plans to continue supporting the game, but here are some of my humble  suggestions:

- As others have mentioned, there are some pretty strong combos that involve relatively few moving pieces (eg Dark Path + Transmute). I agree they can be quite fun to discover though.  A way of playing around with this would be to have "challenge" victory conditions such as limiting card count (win with max X cards), card count per rarity, limiting the crazy OP card combos, etc. These could be counted separately on the bottom of the menu screen, where victory / streaks are today.
- Would be nice to distinguish between "normal" victories and custom mode victories, where I have admittedly won with pretty OP decks. Maybe custom mode shouldn't count to victories / streaks at all?
- A step further - would be neat for custom runs to have a challenge mode where you can manually restrict the card pool. Also, would be neat to be able to run with a fully constructed deck (no drafting), for science if nothing else!
-  Small typo in the Lord of Lightning victory text - reads "disippates" instead of "dissipates"

While limited in scope (a 7DRL after all), this game already feels quite fleshed out, also thanks to the ongoing support it has received, which is awesome. Hope you keep up the great work!

Looks interesting! Question about the engine, Love. Do I need to download it before to run the Mac version (I don't have it with me, sorry)?

Or is the Mac download bundled with the engine already? Cheers

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Passing by to reiterate having BGG on itch would be awesome indeed! @silverhawk I'm with you =)

Not sure if this is supported by Game Maker but would definitely be appreciated!

Game looks great, will get some windows device to try it soon.

Thanks again for sharing this as a hobby project to the world.

Hope development continues and best of luck!