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it's just a zine, pal

played this right after moving in with a friend after moving around in weird craigslist rentals for several years. so glad to know im not the only mess out here, but also so glad to know we all have someone who has our backs. this is lovely and put a big smile on my face.

I haven't stopped thinking about this poem/game every day since I first played it a few weeks ago. The visualization of language in this medium feels so "right" to me, and my enthusiasm when I got to the piano-- hooo boy, I could not contain my excitement, I think I made some sort of audible sound version of "!!!!!!". this is such a lovely piece and I can get lost in it for hours.

Oooh I love this one. I tend to think/write in fragmentary sentences so this feels so natural to me. I could almost smell the soil.

Wow, this is beautiful. I could get lost in the music forever, and the minimal suggestions of the graphics leave plenty for the imagination. This is a great game!

through playing the game I noticed the things most excluded were modifiers to words, like adding an s, -es, -er, etc. though you're right that having that listed as a rule would be helpful!

Ahh this is super fun! Would love to see it on iOS or something because I could play this forever on the train. I only wish we could see what words we entered at the end, but that's just because I like to brag, haha.

Stumbled upon this game today and I'm loving it. It's a funny concept, but fleshed out enough to be more than a one-liner. The gameplay is excellent and unique (love the reverse gravity) and actually adds to the experience in an intuitive way! Not to mention the excellent dialog. Super cool.

i played melon journey in 2012 and it relaunched my love of indie games. i just played the 2019 version and im so excited for this to come out :-)