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have you tried using WinRAR to open it?

Yes! How can I help?


Just sent a friend rq

sure thing, could you provide us your Discord? We can help easier there

Sure thing, what's your Discord? We can help you there

hey there, I can help ya out, got a Discord?

sent ya a friend rq

oh, perfect!

Definitely! Just responded!

Thanks for the info, boss!

I'll need the number on your Discord name as well :x

that doesn't make any sense, there was no such thing implemented. Got discord? We can help over there

Thanks for your patience, somehow missed this message, we can help though, got Discord?

you can email me at 

that seems to be a common error, got Discord? We can help you out over there 

Seems to be an issue on their end, got a Discord? We can help you out in DM's

Deleted your discord name for courtesy

Seems to be a common error happening for unknown reasons, got a discord? We can help you over there.

Got a Discord? We can help you out over there :0

Hey there! We can refund the old purchase if you buy the extra edition beforehand.

Thank you very much ^^!

Hey there! We understand your concern and we have a feedback survey you ca fill out here - but if you'd like to talk to one of us directly, feel free to contact me on tumblr (

Not quite sure what you mean by updated, but the pack's going forward will be provided by the same account