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I LOVED IT!!! i wish it would keep going!

The game is cool and all but there are some things that need to be fixed/nerfed:

i want to be able to load a certain stage, becouse for one dumb mistake i always have to re-do everything again

reduce the cost of the steam boiler or at least make their area of influence bigger, and make the recycler have a option to choose which structures to destroy or not

Thanks, p.s the 3rd stage at the second level is kinda impossible XD

Amaing game! I absolutely love it!


Really good game!!!

nah that's okay I thought it was a bug XD anyways amazing game I enjoyed it a lot! Can't wait for next update!

I think I found another bug... there is a mission: find the other raiders camp and on my map there isn't any camp location (after successfully rading the first one), is it supposed to be that way?

oh sorry I didn't know it was there XD 

no problem! If I can make another suggestion you should add a way to see how many energy you can on your network but apart from that I'm loving it! Good job!!!

it worked thanks!! P.s i love your game and the only suggestion i have is to try and optimize the game ^^

every time i enter a field like Steve's farm or the hidden location to find the eyes of the cube the entire map is empty and there is only a  tile outlined with a white line. Help!!