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Can you add another instruments like guitar or sax?

please send me, upload to mediafire o somewhere

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I think the game deserve  extra work because the idea and design are wonderful.  Maybe early access on steam would a way for you.

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After building the last piece, that piece is named "001".  The game show a message at the top: "¡Escape planet has no build function! Please report bug". I can continue playing but is a little disappointed this end. Anyway nice game and I will upload the gameplays to my youtube channel :) :

Game finished. The end has a bug, there's no end. I received a message saying : report a bug. I wonder if it is normal. I'm playing 1.0 version.

A message preventing create a new game would be recommended. Very easy erase a savegame accidentally.

Any chance of split screen multiplayer?

Thank you! this is a nice game. Is possible play in fullscreen? I don't like play in a window. 

buy windows, problem resolved.