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I found a funny bug where if you jump onto a fence that's next to water at the right angle, you can walk on it, and it plays the walking sound effect much faster than normal. kinda amusing.

wow. i really enjoy the toad mechanic. good idea.

Oh, cool. Sounds fun.

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I think Peach moves a little too fast for normal mode. Unless the goal was to encourage stealthy movement.

oh darn. very disappointed nothing more came of this. oh well.

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There  seems to be a little bug with Peach and the backyard and the hallway leading up to it. Sometimes in these areas she blinks in and out of sight. I'm also pretty sure I saw her randomly appear behind the "L is real" fountain. Not sure why this area is giving her trouble. 

Anyways I enjoy her new mechanics and behaviors and I like that the bobomb battlefield portrait room chest was moved slightly to allow visibility.

maybe delete and redownload. the ghost is there for me. 

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okay I played version 0.1.1 through to completion.  Despite the game's simplicity, I found it enjoyable.  It's definitely inspired by the likes of Slender and Granny, but that's okay of course. 

I don't have any harsh criticisms because it's a demo release, but I'll say sometimes the AI is a little wonky.  I've stood right in front of her and no reaction until I get pretty much in her face.  other times she saw me through the wall or floor and entered her chase mode. Luckily she never actually found me then. The actually death jumpscare is okay, but it really gets you once or twice.  Maybe add in variations based on where and how she gets ahold of Mario. 

To end it on a positive note, I enjoyed the little attention to details and the exploration factor.  The progression milestones even somewhat match the OG Mario 64 game(which admittedly I'm hazy on because sadly I never got to play it myself). And one of the more eerie things is hearing Peach utter a soft "Mario" occasionally when you jump in a chest. Rather spoopy.

In short, it's a beta game. Don't expect much JUST yet. But despite this and with this in mind, it's rather good. I see potential and want to see where this will go next. 

oh sorry guys. i don't know how to do all that. but maybe I'll try some time.

I saw this coming, so i kept the latest version with the og models. lol

what is that thing floating outside the ship anyways?