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Very cool! My only advice, some graphics or making it appealing to look it helps SO much.
Aside from that, I see many opportunities on how to use this.

A world of Opportunities! Cool looking but It would be cool if there was a pdf with the Cards so I could print the cards on a piece of paper. 

Pretty Cool nonetheless.

Thanks! I think Eldritch Cows is probably the best RPG I've made.

Sorry for the unclear-ness haha. 

The idea is you roll on the table for what each of you find, then you have to try and communicate whats happening, looking back, it is unclear. Not my best RPG haha.

Ask for stuff. Suggest Stuff. A Discord Server maybe? You ask. I'll think about it, maybe even do it.

Thank for commenting! Yes, Arg-nitive is argument and initiave. I believe after that I explained how to use it, the name, frankly, is irrelevant.

Roll for arg-nitive, a d20 whoever rolls highest speaks their argument and go through the order"

The bold font, yeah. I see how some would struggle,

And with only 2 pages to work with for the jam, More headings, I personally think would look quite cluncky.

But, I appreciate the feedback! Happy to know people give my Silly ideas some thought. Haha.

Will be playing this summer!