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Fried guy

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Cool game the polish is very good, but it would be nice if there was a way to turn down the music

Cool game, I like how it feels like super hot after they see yo

Super relaxing game to play, I also found it ironic that you have to make more garbage to get rid of the garbage

Great game I love the turn based combat and the fact that you are a mimic, cool idea (

I was fun having to try and make sure the crows don't steal my seeds and also trying to get all the minerals from the ground! great  idea!

Great game! I loved the execution of your idea (:

It was really challenging trying to beat the timer to make a good set up, but everything else was great!

I really enjoyed having to try a pay attention  to all the vampires at once so I could corner the human and win! great job

Great Game loved the concept of having to heal the zombies after shooting them, great job! (:

This  game was really fun to play! I loved the polished art and sounds!

awesome game! I love the ide