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Silly question, I know, but are any of these "PS1" games actually playable on a Playstation/emulator?

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NVM: you may have already corrected the errors internally with the "SurfaceSkin" values, it just looks really odd as they all call the same png

Edit: yeah, the models are working as you had them, I was able to read up about how GZdoom handles mtl files

Just want to give you a heads up: I'm seeing errors on startup that look to be related to blender files being included in the ipk3. Deleting the WHOLE "Models" folder seems to be safe and clears up my error.

Also: to anyone who's complaining about naming, the ipk3 opens like a zip and you can change the iwadinfo.txt to your hearts content.

I got this working on my Raspberry Pi 4 with LZDoom and stacking it on doom2.wad (I don't know why, but it works). The only thing is it's running at a low frame rate (too much lighting and reflections?) and I can't do the gamma skull puzzle because the slider is disabled. Lisa becomes absolutely malicious in the "look behind you" scene (a slight turn triggers her).

Reload is missing from the options, but I can manually add 'Joy4=+reload' to gzdoom/lzdoom.ini under '[Shrine.Bindings]'

Can you make the special weapon/R a reconfigurable button? I'm playing with a controller. Otherwise the game is perfect!

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Is it possible to roll this into a standalone wad/pk3? I've been using a RaspiPi for my doom fix lately.

Edit:You can just extract the ipk3 and use it, I was being stopped by a typo