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Hey kewalex, yes the update is on steam as well :) 

Haha well thank you :) It has been an issue for people with older systems though, even markiplier had the issue sadly :P

Hey, my apologies for the lag, im aware its a big issue in this project. Just wondering if you don't mind; is it specifically grain you don't like, or is it just a personal preference towards older camera effects? I'm still tying to figure out the best settings for the camera so if its specifically grain, i can reduce that :) - Frheaky 

Would you mind letting me know your computers Specs? Although it will never be possible to make something suitable for all systems, i will happily make a note of them and keep them in mind for the next project.  - Frheaky

Hey, i am aware of the lag issue due to the large textures happening to a lot of people, it is a hard issue for me to address as i personally don't have the issue, although i am aware i have a higher end PC which others may not, it means whilst i cant physically see the issue, it would be difficult to fix, i would need access to another system to sort this.  Although as for your points on issues loading, crashing, teleporting , and getting stuck, this is the first time i've heard of these issues happening to anyone, so there's little i can do on my part, im not sure what could have caused that, but as its not been an encountered issue before, i'll have to say that's out of my control.

Apologies - frheaky. 

Pop into your local grocery store and ask for some free bread since you bought something from there before, let us know how that goes for you. The disrespect. 

As the other reply said, you shouldn't be converting rar files, thats why they don't work for you, you only need to extract them. Extracting only takes seconds and unless the files corrupted, shouldn't have any issues. This link will help you:

Thank you :) sadly i can only rely on the quality options to be any help with optimisation at this time, the projects textures are very high and i believe this might be the reason behind it, as my PC didn't show any issues during testing this never crossed my mind, i will keep this in mind for the next project and will try to test on other peoples systems in the future. 

good little game :) enjoyed it

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Commented on your video but ill post my response here too- Thank you for playing! Wasn't expecting people to wonder around the office before the triggers started so ill see what i can do to prevent this so it doesn't seem slow paced to start :) 

i appreciate your video! Theres a couple of issues its helped me notice which ill address in an update (such as the picking up phone going off too soon before you saw it haha)