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Who did the music!?

What is the campfire music?  It's so chill.

Can I ask you a question via e-mail or direct message?

Simple and fun concept with a small amount of progression (three unlockable classes).  Love the art and sounds.  Not too much math.  I'm not sure what to do with gold after unlocking all three.  With a little balancing, this could be something!  For example, why do you only get omelettes if you let the monsters attack you instead of for attacking monsters directly?  It's a lose-lose.  A lot of the items seem useless or downright bad.  Sometimes, chests roll all cursed items and you lose the run because you opened a chest which feels bad.  Thanks for making this and good luck!

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"What if the movies Cube and Tron had a child?"  This amazing Outrun/Synthwave-aesthetic game is the answer.  This Beat 'Em Up added roguelite elements that will have you chasing the leaderboards.

A small request: instead of Shift+Space, can we get a Settings Menu that allows LClick attack RClick dash?  Thanks!!

Don't be fooled by the lazy-but-still-funny pun of Home Sweet Home, because this game a true masterpiece of historical importance that future generations will look back upon with wonder. Equal parts Monster Train, Mad Max, The Sims, and paint.exe, this delightfully quirky game had me cheering at my ridiculous, seven-story tall mobile home armed with toilets and socks to defeat Barbarian homes.  Thank you for the opportunity to play your game and I hope for a full release.

This game takes a hilarious idea, adds great music, math, the urgency and randomness of a rogue-lite, and features of an "idle hero" game together to create an enjoyable experience.  In the future, I'd like to see combat make a little more sense.  Although it's an auto-battler, it seems like an invisible game of "War."  Additionally, it would be nice if the items had a "net power:square" ratio listed on them somewhere.  Thanks so much for making this game!

Thanks for the update.  I've been sending them as they come.  Hopefully you get them.  Looking forward to the new patch!

Pretty fun, nearly-auto battler that is definitely influenced by other roguelites.

The music, content, playability, and customization in this game is incredible.

However, I am experiencing freezing/crashing at the conclusion of combat.