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Yup, I'm afraid that's it for now, but new content is coming soon :)

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Hi, I'm sorry but I'm struggling to identify the problem you're describing. Did you already install the camera in her room? Because the message "wait for Caroline to get back" should only appear if you did so. If that's the case, you should just have to wait until nighttime to catch her returning. The room being closed off during daytime is intended. Caroline only goes out of her room on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening (not night!). Only at these times you are able to open her door on the security terminal.

And could you please tell me which platform you are using?

You can skip the game with the button in the top right corner :)

Thanks for telling me. I'll work on that for the next update.

Futa is not planned

I'm sorry, that shouldn't happen,but I found the error and will upload a corrected gamae version later today.

Hi, thanks for the typo report and for the nice words :) and yes, the titjob is as far as you can go with that character in this version of the game. Basically, if you don't have any more quests shown in the top left corner, you're through with the story content of this version. You can also check the gallery on the main characters computer to check if you've unlocked all scenes.