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Failed to initialize graphics

   This is what I get when I try to launch the game, and it worked fine yesterday. I tried everything, I updated my graphic drivers, I ran different compatibility modes, ran as administrator, nothing works, and I don't remember changing anything prior to when it was still working. I even made a new download and over write the files, still nothing.

   How can I fix it???

   I couldn't afford buying any of the slaves, and yes, he appeared, but he ignored me. I guess there will be a chance to release them, in later versions of the game?

   Oh, I don't know then, but my guess is that if this is not a bug (and I don't know whether it is one), then maybe it's because you beat the slavers caravan, the slavers don't want to deal with you, so your quest will probably evolve slightly differently. I also think that if this is true, there will be something to do at the hideout, regardless, and it's fortunately implemented in the next release, so we will have to wait and see.

   After that there is a guy just by the entrance, that can be talked to. There is another locked door above, that leads further into the house, which will probably be implemented in further releases, but you don't need to go that far. I marked it on the screen shot. 

   I don't know whether it might be a bug, or a different thing because you beat the caravan, but for me I walked in through the front entrance, like in the screenshot below. 

   Aw, fam, why did you make the veil top indecent? What will I wear with those salwar trousers now, and still be decent? On the other hands, I hoped that being captured by slavers part will be implemented soon, so thank you for that.

   Ah, thank you, so I guess that's pretty much it for the current release, in terms of quests. Good to know I won't be locked out of anything.  I can, in the meantime, grind some credits at the strip club, every now and then, as I wait for the next release, and work a bit on improving my stats.

   If you lose the fight with the slavers caravan, it's game over, at least for the moment, since the hideout is not implemented yet. What happens if you lose is that they take you to the hideout, and then you get a message that this part was not implemented yet, and then you go to main menu. I assume that in further releases you will have a chance to escape ,if you get caught, but if you already beat them, you probably obtained the map from the caravan slavers themselves, so it doesn't appear in the basement of the slave house anymore. Just a guess.  Pretty sure there will be actually something to do at the hideout, in further releases, regardless.

   As for triggering the auction,  you have to walk inside the slave house, through the front door,  and talk to the guy at the entrance. Select the option "Ask to buy" , and then "Wait for the auction" .

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   Well, the area under the trap door seemed to be accessible, it's the basement to the slave house, and there is another entrance, somewhere east of the desert town city, if you leave it through the north and go around it, on the right side, and there is a guy in there that can be knocked out for a map to the slavers ' s hideout. The hideout has a dev lock now, so not very interesting, but that other entrance in the basement, that wasn't marked on the map, nor was it any clue for it, I found it randomly, by reading some comments and looking at some screen shots, and I had to "poke" the wall, just like with the entrance of the Succubus tower, the first time, though I have no idea what clues should I have looked for to guess how to get there, or perhaps my sen stat is low, I don't know.

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   I don't know what wrap you're talking about, but some shorter skirts, only without underwear, are indecent, and only if you have a penis (if you don't have a penis, or if you have one, but wear panties underneath, then they are not indecent), because the tip of the penis is visible past the brim, when it's limp, which in my opinion is pretty clever for an indie game, I wouldn't have expected such subtleties to count, but I'm glad they do.

   If you're talking about the veil bottoms, they count as lower undies though, and they also can't be worn with any article in the "lower" bracket, such as pants or skirt, and they are indecent regardless whether you have a penis or not, I just checked.

   Thank you, I found it, though it wasn't marked on the map, I had to "poke" the wall in the spot you showed on the picture,  just like with the Succubus tower, first time, and then it appeared. I wouldn't have guessed it's there if I wasn't told. Maybe my perception stat is low or something, I don't know, but thank you nonetheless.

   I also found the slavers's hide out, and it has a dev lock, saying it will be implemented in a later version. I guess that's where it ends, for this update at least?

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Around the town where? if I exit the town from the west, it's that desert loop again.

Also, how did you figure this out, what clues, or did you just happen to happen by it?

   Can I ask how did you do all that? 

   First of all, how did you have so much money to buy Newt, assuming it was without cheating.

   How did you enter King Sauel's house, assuming that where you met him, as it's locked.

   Lastly, how did you find the slavers's hide out, and where is it?

   I simply got a log book entry saying to investigate the slave trade, once i arrived in the city, but no other clue. The trap door near the house is locked, if I enter through the normal door, the other doors inside are locked, and I could speak to the guy at the entrance about buying a slave, but if I accept, then I don't have any money to bid on any of the slaves that are presented, and then I guess there won't be another auction, and the prices are ridiculously high, King Samael buys Newt, I can't enter hid house, and it seems there's no other way than to reload, and I have much better things to do than grind 80k credits, with the rates this game has.

   I also heard of some slavers's map, but I don't know where to get that either. The only map I got, was the one showing how to get from the entrance of the dessert to the town.

   What quests are exactly added? I noticed there is a slave house, and when you enter it, if you talk to the slavers, then they will have an auction, and if you don't have money to buy, do they ever hold the auction again at all? If not that's a bummer, cause the prices are highly unrealistic. Where do you get that type of money in the game, at least without cheating? 

   Also, is there a way to access King Sauel's house? What about the locked trap door, near the slave house?

   This new addition is so confusing, and the game wiki doesn't say anything about it, except how to get to the desert town.

   Hello, I wanted to ask whether there is a wiki for this game or something, where you can see all possible endings, because there is a type of ending I'm trying to achieve, but I'm not sure whether it's even possible, and I wouldn't want to give spoilers about it.