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I actually loved this game! It was the kind of creepy I enjoy, and it was super simple in the spooks. It's always fun when you get to just enjoy at atmospheric type game like this.

Not going to lie, the maze was aggravating but, man, when I rounded that corner it was terrifying! Well done on this game!

Yes! With a story and a little more work, it can be good. A little more ambient noise, a story, and just some more work and you'll have a solid game!

Oh my god this game was actually so scary! The build up was tense and I just wanted to text my mom back!

Well done little demo! Think it could have had more of a story (just so we know exactly what's going on) but I understand it's a demo. The jumpscares got me pretty good!

OH I am ready!!! Mentally, physically, emotionally! At least, I am right now until I actually load into the full game 😭😭

This game was actually so scary lol. I wanted to stop when the game froze and just be like "oh well! Guess I'm done!". But seriously, the camera idea fit in really well here and it was terrifying. Can't wait for the full game!

Interesting game. A few quirky spots but overall what I'd expect!

Actually terrifying lol got me quite a few times

This was a great, creepy game! Obviously a shorter game just meant for the spooks, it definitely did its job. I was spooked! If worked on more for a story and lengthened to fit a plotline, I think it'd be a very terrifying game!