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I love your work, and I'm currently using it to create some fast paced game. It's the first time I see a character set nice looking and mostly so much complete. Even in the paid ones, they always miss animations I personally find vitals such as dying or an attack, but this one has everything and even more ! Wether you like it or not, I'm crediting you.

I have two questions though, why did you remove character's eyes in 'Hurt' and 'Die' animations ? Is he closing his eyes ?
And why aren't the swimming, swimming idle and stand animations in the 1.5 version ? (they're still in the 1.3) Is the standing one removed, as it isn't in the list ?

Also, if you're still open to suggestions, I think an animation with the character removing a sword from the ground (or a pedestal) would be cool (standing in front of the camera, but side can be nice too).

On the CEO maze, I just started exploring when suddenly I was rocketed in the air and when I fell back on the ground I was on the walls : problem couldn't go back in it because space was too short for me to slip in so I went outside hoping I would die and come back. But I didn't. (You shoud add a manual keyboard ; and not typing at some special place ; to exit or retry hacking. Especially in a game where there's no checkpoints and additional lives) Anyway on the rest your game is really cool and isn't a mini-game lasting 2 minutes ;)

Hey Aleifr I was working on a pixel-platformer but already had my tileset but I was interested in the character u used in your demo ; would it be possible to have it ?