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A member registered May 15, 2021

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I like it. Similar to The Goonies spirit. The best of the game are the scenarios. The mechanics are a little bit repetitive. The music is very good. Overall the game is great but I think that could be even better.

Great game. I enjoyed a lot. Smooth movement, good jump, enough amount of rooms well designed, objects to collect, correct music...perhaps I would like more type of enemies but I said, very good game as it is

A few games and you start to see the good way to pass the levels. But is a challenge...control the fuel and the movement to  avoid the collisions is not an easy task

The difficulty is high since the first screen but the graphics, the smooth movement, the music and the gameplay are awesome.

The first impressions are very very positive. Well done!!!

Great game although a little easy the puzzles. Great potential to upgrade some new levels or add even monsters, pits, etc. to make more difficult the task.

But I liked to play the 25 levels a lot. 

Pues tengo un pique bastante importante con el juego. Lo de la tabla de records que se guarde de partida a partida le subiría bastante la adicción .

No obstante gran trabajo tal y como está. Mecánica sencilla pero eficaz y adictiva

Dos cosillas q creo mejorarían, creo q bastante, el juego:

1) que la puntuación en vez de 1 en 1 o 3 en 3, fuera por ejemplo 100ptos y 300ptos. Es una tontería pero un Score de 11300 ptos mentalmente es mucho más satisfactorio q 113ptos

2) Una tabla de High score con los 10 mejores, con iniciales y q se guarde en disco subiría el juego a otro nivel de pique con la familia (picar a tu hijo/a a q te supere y q vea q estás ahí tú el primero no tiene precio)

Muy adictivo. Very addictive.

Great job. At the beginning is a little complicated to get use to the controls, but a few games and all start to work in your mind. And the music is awesome.

Great game. Very fun as the original. Well done!!!

Great game. Congrats to all the team! 10/10

Great game. It deserves the little price. I enjoyed a lot to play it in c64 emulator. Congrats!!!

Great game, very funny but in my opinion very easy to complete. It needs more levels and a little harder puzzles. All in all a great game. Congrats!

A must have. I loved every minute of the game. Sometimes a little difficult to find the secret walls or secret buttons. Great sprites and animations, puzzles, every thing is perfect. I enjoyed a lot this game. Recommended. 10/10