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Very wholesome and precious game.

I dug the art, color, music and controls! =]

Also love any kinda game I can collect stuff.

Love the sounds, the curtain animation is perfection!

The story is freaky and I'm into it.

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I really enjoyed myself! I would be able to sink my teeth into more levels and customization of character/ship! I didn't want it to end =]

Eeek! I can't wait :3

Super cute crafting/building game! The tutorial was easy to follow.

Would love more customization, different hair and stuffs you know! =]

The running animation and art style are absolutely lovely.

I will say I noticed a lag when chopping wood! Here's hoping for more! 

*fingers crossed*

I want to download this so bad and I want more content!!

*crosses fingers for more*

I really enjoyed myself and didn't wanna put it down :3

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I love this :) I really enjoy the cursor when it is for the eyedropper! Very neat.

Thank you for making and sharing.

This theme is awesome and so are you!

I did not know you could CRTL and mouse wheel to make the palette bigger! Woot woot.

Enjoyed the art style and animations, colors. 

Would love more!!

I really enjoyed how the book is read. 

Made it feel like I'm actually holding a book open, very clever.

I was intrigued by the storyline and I thoroughly enjoyed this and would love to see the outside!

Also I'm not sure if it's just because it's not done but the candle did nothing o.o

Hell yessss!

I'm glad :D

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Well either I was mistakin when I was spamming all of the buttons and didn't try ctrl, or the third download was a success because I can now stand with ctrl. But yes I had found the note and cut the chains. 

Also I finished it and it was not at all what is normally expected from this genre of game! Very intriguing. Here's hoping for more to come!

Cheers for the reply.

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I have a terrible bug :C

I can't get out of crawl mode. I've tried reinstalling it. I'm sad.

Highly recommend this gorgeous game =D!

  • Beautiful music
  • Cute characters
  • Love how it's possible to interact with many items
  • Loved the mini desk game
  • Love how you can read room labels, ( it always makes me sad when you can't read them )
  • The story was very freaking intriguing
  • Wasn't expecting how much awesome content would be in this demo!!


  • No pause menu/saving which I'm supposing would be added when people see this game more and it's supported more, because it surely should be!
  • Have to use arrow keys, I am one of those who has set my muscle memory to use the wasd so it is always weird using arrows :P

Those are my only cons if you can call them that! 

Please make more I will be a loyal repeat customer! =]