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me too

Is the version available for download here already fixed?

Very cool Game, wonderful for speedrunning

Nice Game, really amazing.

 Another upcomming great Game, thx for all your Releases, i love them to play and to run, big Talent.

I requested the Game on and now it's online.

Join and have Fun to run.

Speedrun without waste a Life
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Testing the new mechanics ;)

that is exactly my opinion, so nice artwork, also the genesis and snes ports

so a great game, do you have a snes-demo ready?

so great, do you have a snes-demo ready???

thx it´s so great, make first runs and send a request on

do you have a Demo reddy? i must play this game,it looks so greate cant wait ;)


looks great, hard to wait for it ;)

can't wait to play


do you have news, iam hyped ;)

love the video, looks really great

nice Game,  could you make a NES-port(Version)?

so dann mal ran an die Bouletten, euer Game ist drauf und eine Zeit zum schlagen auch ;)

hey, colles game ich habs leider erst jetzt entdeckt, ich hab angefangen es zu speedrunnen und einen request auf gemacht, erstmal nur eine Any% kategorie, sobald es angenommen wurde schick ich n link

danke thomas

nice game but why the swatter is a bomorang, it makes it ....,hm, i dont know

is there a NES-Version of this Game???

there it is the Sub 30min 100%-Run, on demand i also edit a Co-Op Categorie

thx for this nice Game the Community loves it.

so the request is accepted ;) think i made three categories

yes really nice game, i started to speedrun it and send a game request on, really really fun