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This game has a lot of potential and i would love to help improve it here are some suggestions:

1:More wepons

2:Better aiming systems such as the carbine

3:Bigger/more maps 


5:honestly idk!

Honestly this is all that's missing!I know that it will be a lot of work to add those as well as other suggestions;but hope to see them in the future!

I like this game but thing that the levels are too hard...

Kepler22 community · Created a new topic Very unexpected

When downloading this game i thought that this was one of those laggy, boring, bad and short games but I was wrong!

Although the graphics may seem bad it will hardly affect the game play..

The game on it s own is very imersive, has funny yet interesting cutsceanes, good missions that are not easy but still doable and  has a long storymode.

I had a blast playing this game and appreciate the effort put into it.

I hope that another similar game will soon get released due to the fun i had playing this game

is it like the painting passpartout but you play music