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when I think prepare a tranlation.csv then i can do some setups ,but the fact is i only can input  local word and interface still English.....QAQ

ohhhh 0.96


i say MM is powfull software ...yes!




ok maybe you can improve the operation .i think node socket is not easy to click and link......becase that point is too small...

em......why I open this site every day?

update ! update~

powerful software

how to link other software?

it seem that material maker can make music????


when will 0.96 relaess?

because some word can't see in this version's default font.

will MM can set the font in next version?

really fun

their sizes aren't 2^n

drap many pictures(.png) may be have bug.....or just my wrong

may be we can give a local file that translate by AI anduser can  change and share on the website then user  can correct the wrong and we can get the reliable one.........

May be we need more language support......i18n ....

sometime copy code can do ,but everytime is "const sampler2D"

this line:

const sampler2D o39228_tex; 


E 0:00:01.078   Invalid data type for constants or function return (samplers not allowed)

  <C++ 源文件>     :41

yes I done.


emmmm.....Do you have try to copy the debug node 's code into godot?it doesn't work.And when I try to fill  to uv ,but it have and egde...So....But i still think our software can beyond quixel mixer.

waiting amzing node all the day <:

ohhhhh,it works.

How can i use the height map affect the model to make a displacement?

i just want my dirt can lay on the top on the model.........

discord was be banned in my country    QAQ.........

i even want to get the model's normal and any other mesh data

how can i add my node into a difined or difined by user layer? like  noise ->  fbm to  my panel -> my node.  

if godot update to 4.0,Material Maker will be better?=w=

ohhh,update date!

LOL  .I love this poweful software:)

Hey! node operation is so hard,maybe you can copy what Blender had done.It can link and cut easily with its wrangle addon. And the linking line is not easy to focus on the node. The painting model is Primitive,maybe the material we mixed can be refered  as a layer. em.......where the mask ?