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I enjoyed it... I do love the intermission part, it makes me laugh.

You're welcome :D

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Cool game. I managed to finish chapter 1 in about 10 minutes. Let's go for chapter 2, now :)

Just finished it. I get some help from the walkthrough. I forgot to get the banana for the monkey.

Chapter 3 maze is the hardest part of the game for me. An hour and half to finish it, it is a good deal!

Thanks for your game. It reminds me "Prohibition" published in 1987. Really a pleasure to play!

Thanks for your answer. I thought Hataru will Switch to hires mode on the fly.

It was the case with Amiga version.

Hello. I got a little problem with hires version. When I try it in Hatari, game is not loaded and emulator resets.

Lowres version works flawlessly. Known issue?

I played it some months ago and I find it to be full of fun. Will play it again with the same pleasure :)

I'm not a big shoot'em'up fan, but this one with the trick of losing point makes me download and play it with pleasure.

Thanks a lot!

Ok. This is why I do not find it... Well I'll wait a few days before starting the game from scratch again :)

Just finished it. Last level was evil! A great game from the start to the beginning. I did not find the access to the bonus level, too bad :(

Well, I'm stuck at level 34 for now. I hope to beat the last two tomorrow afternoon. It is a great game so far.

Forget to add. I made a video showing the first 12 levels using the Atari 8bit port.


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Made it to level 18, and this one really hurts... I cannot imagine how hard are the level after this one...

Edit:  solved level 18, it is tricky. Now I made it to level 20. Keeping some levels for tomorrow now :)

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Great news. What's not so great is that preview levels are gone and you have to start from the beginning once again. Make it to level 12 in about 10 minutes. And I laughed when i saw this message :

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Ah, you'll tell me so. I saw the video you sent me. And yes, I was very very very lucky :)

Well, now this bug is no more for the full version,

I'll try again this level with the full version. I also finished level 10. Can't wait to play the full version, now :)

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Great game, can't wait for the final version. I finished the first 9 levels, and level 9 breaks my... Until I find the logic of this level :)

I recorded a longplay for the 9 first levels, with level 6 kicking my... too many times.

Enjoy :)

I was kidding about the ports. But if you made them, you'll complete all the Commodore computers versions.

Looking forward these two missing ports, now :)

Now, you're only missing a port for both the Plus/4 and the Pet.

I'll download and play it asap today.

Simple in principle but harder to manage. Who makes it to round 4 or above?

Sorry to ask for this, but is there anyone who finished level 48 and can post a video on how to solve it? I'm stuck at level 48 for days :(


Sorry to ask for this, but can anybody post solutions for level 4-6,  5-4 and 5-6. I tried at least 10 times each without luck. These levels are breaking my head while I try to find the logic in them.

Thanks a lot!

At least, I know what the end screen looks like :)

When I was 16 or 17,  entering a long and annoying listing did not afraid me. Now, I prefer dsk file.

Well with a little game over screen, it would have be better... :D

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Yes. in RetroVirtualMachine. Same in Caprice32. I got around 1000/1200 points and commands freeze. Only escape key is working.

Yes it works, but game seems to freeze randomly. Too bad :(

An Amstrad CPC 6128 or an emulator.

Pareil pour moi avec RetroVirtualMachine.

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Well... I'm only missing 3 2 levels on set 5, namely 5-4 and 5-6 and 5-10. Any hint will be welcomed :)


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 I save my game every time I finish a level, just to be sure to keep my progress. 

After that, I copied  the d64 file I'm using with Vice on my SD2IEC extension to run it on my real C64.

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Thanks. I do not replay them... Because on some I don't remember how I win!

And yes, I'm playing it in Vice only because it is simpler than connecting my real C64 :)

Anyway, it shows you can go to set 5, even it I'm missing 2 levels on set 4 :(

A small video recorded with my smartphone showing the game on my real C64. At least it proves you can make your way to level 47 :)


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A little video recorded with my smartphone showing the game running on my real C64. It also proves you can make it to the last set :)


Well, I made it to set 5. I'm only missing levels 4-6 and 4-10. I don't have a single clue on how to finish those ones.

And I saved 10% of set 5 by finishing level 5-1 :)

Finishing all 50 levels? Maybe, maybe not. But I have to say I'm surprised I made it to the last set :)

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Well... We'll see. 

Set 4 proposes some twisted levels, even if I fully finished set 1 to 3!

You have to find the way to manage each level... This is the hardest part :)

Edit: I finished half of the set 4. Only missing? 4-4, 4-6 to 4-9 included. I'm stuck for now, but I will not despair :)

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Now on set 4... It is hard. In set 3, I'm only missing 3-7 and 3-9.

I do not imagine I will go this far in this game ;)

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So, just publish a video for each single level :D

Just kidding, of course!

I'm half way through set 3. Not too bad :)

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Your game deserves all the time spend on it. It is just as hard it as to be, so it is enjoyable... Even if some levels are harder to finish :)

Edit: As I unlocked set 3 by finishing 8 levels on set 2, I saw you made some levels which are really hard, especially with the bouncing tiles... What a neat idea  :D

I fear what new trick you add to the last two sets of levels... I don't wanna know for now!

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Well, day two and set two nearly finished. Only missing are level 2-6 and 2-9. But I will not despair and finish those remaining ones.