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A good preview. I finished 8 of the 9 levels. Level 9 is kinda hard at first sight...

Can't wait now for the full version :)

Edit: just won on level 9...

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It works really better now. Thanks a lot!

Amazing to see it works natively on Linux :)

My biggest monitor is a 19 inch one. With a little luck, I can reach 1536x960. But I'm not 100% sure it will be the case. I'll wait for the revised version with smaller resolution.

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I cannot get it to work on my manjaro linux powered laptop.

Here is the log:
[LOG] Tenebra Demo v1.00, built Jul 12 2022 22:57:40 (Linux)
[17:35:28] [LOG] Desktop size: 1280x800 
[17:35:28] [LOG] Framebuffer size: 1536x960
[17:35:28] [LOG] Screen size: 1536x960
[17:35:28] [LOG] Minimum resolution of 1536x960 is required, quitting.
[17:35:28] [LOG] Found 8 levels.

Notice: I cannot get something greater than 1280x800 on my laptop. Will try on my Archlinux based system later this week. I only hope its 19 inch monitor will get the required resolution.

I beat level 29... Level 30? I don't know how to find the first key... Help anyone?!

Great addition. I have to say it took me 5 minutes to finish level 26. Currently blocked on level 29. I will beat it!

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Simple to learn, hard to beat. The kind of puzzle games that I love!
And my best score so far, 49 points!

Such a score will be hard to beat :)

Well, it is an hard game. I lose every single time on level 1-3 :(

You're welcome. I played 6 levels before losing and it is really really good.

Just discovered this game today and really loved it! Even if it took me 5 minutes to understand how to play it.

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Briley's adventure part 2 will be an instant buy as soon as it is made available. Can't, wait to see Smokey complaining about tuna :)

And you'll see Smokey get an hard life in the game :D

Don't worry, you'll get access to the woodman later in the game. But I won't tell you when and how. You're around 15-20% of the game now. You'll get some strange quest... But I'll let you discover everything :)

Woodman is near Chandler's home.

And for this ghost, read well every single line of dialog :)

Well, thanks. Now the hard part: founding one that is not horribly expensive. Wish me luck ;)

A simple technical question. I'm looking for a Kung Fu Flash cartdrige. Does anyone get the game to run on it?

Thanks for your answer.

I just followed it. Nothing less, nothing more.

Well, I have to play it once again for

1) finding all the foxes
2) See the complete game screen at the end

Life is hard sometimes :D

Well, it is the way to go. Really loved Tenebra. I hope for Tenebra 2 now :)

And finished it on my real C64 too:

After playing in Vice, I tried on my real C64 with an SD2IEC.

Two screenshots :)

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Go back and play it today. I'm at level 18... Some levels are kinda hard, like level 17 for example. It took me at least 5 minutes to beat :(

Can't wait to go to the last level :)

Edit: just finished. I tried four times before winning on it.

Les jeux C64 sur disquettes sont connus pour leur lenteur.

Quant à la note, c'est fait.

J'ai parlé du jeu dans ce vieil article :

Aucun problème. D'ailleurs, j'ai fini le jeu il y a quelques minutes. Je me suis régalé du début à la fin. Et voir l'écran de fin sur Commodore 64, ça ça pète.

Dommage que je n'ai pas encore de cartouche de chargement rapide. 2 à 3 minutes pour charger le jeu depuis l'image disque en d81 (pour me simplifier la vie au niveau des sauvegardes), c'est loooooooooooong !

Une petite capture d'écran de mon Commodore 64 (de 1985) faisant tourner le jeu depuis un périphérique sd2iec.

Comme quoi, le jeu ne tourne pas que dans des émulateurs :)

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Bon, j'ai cherché en vain dans la boutique du menuisier. J'ai été cherché des branches et avec les bonnes commandes, j'ai pu avoir ce maudit feu :)

Pour le moment, je me régale. Espérons que ce soit le cas jusqu'à la fin :)

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J'ai acheté le jeu récemment et je le trouve excellent.

Cependant, je suis coincé. Je viens de "piller" la boutique et je me demande comment je peux liquéfier l'huile.

J'avoue que je sèche un peu. Un feu, d'accord. Mais il me faudrait du bois.

Des idées ? Merci !

Of course. I only find 50 foxes on 56. I wonder where are the 6 missing - at least 5 - missing foxes are. I know I missed the one in the beginning.
Well, looks like I need to play it again too. But in some times, I need a rest :D

You're welcome :)

If I find another typo, I'll tell you.

Playing the game once again, in order to find all foxes :)

I noticed a typo in version 1.0.7. When Roana is getting a cat, Smokey talked about being adopted byBriley. From "the sheler" instead of the shelter.

See attached screenshot.

It is working better indeed. Just look at all the features added or made better during 3.6 development time. You'll be surprised :D

Just play it again :)

You're welcome.

By the way, you should upgrade to Vice 3.6 which was released on xmas 2021.

And release notes

I played and finish the game on Vice 3.6. It could help for cartridge management.

Just put the box at the right place. And launch the right spell when you are well placed. I won't be more specific. I do not want to spoil you the pleasure to find what to do and finish the game :)

Erh... I found this info on a Youtube video. Should have look first here.

I finished the game without crossing the river in Forgotten glade. Could be why I'm missing some foxes. I finished the game with 50 foxes on 56.

Looks like I'll try to grab them all in a new game...

Think of merging something... It will help :)

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I made a lot of progress - well I think - since my last call for help. I'm stuck in the Forgotten glade. Ember said she will clean the clearing. I suppose using a firebomb spell, but where?

Edit: found the answer on a Youtube video. And I just finished it. It took me around 15 hours to finish on easy skill. A really cool game. Can't wait to see Briley's adventure part 2.

Thanks! I was looking for it too. Now I have to make my way into Forest caverns... Looks like I'll get my bottom kicked there.