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Thank you! We are rather proud of what we did, so it's nice to hear comments like these.

Glad to hear you loved it so much!

To make a longer version would be a lot of work, and we have more projects to work on this year. Hope you understand.

Thank you, we worked really hard on it, indeed!

I'm sorry for that, but offering these options would be a lot of work for us.

Thank you! GameXplain gave us a lot of traffic for sure!

Thank you! :)

I'll try to do a 32bit build soon. Stay tuned!

No problem with that!

You can send me a direct message on Twitter @aXagama

Thanks for the comments, we are really proud of what we did in such a short time!


We know about that issue, it can happen when you press too quickly the shoot button. Other things may cause this, but this is the main problem we encounter. Try to hold down the shoot button longer.

If that doesn't solve the issue, you can use the Backspace key to reset a bunch of variables in the game. This may cause some other issues though, we mainly used it to debug the game.

If there's any other issue, I may make a patch to solve the problem.

Thank you!

It's a really sensible subject when it comes to Nintendo IPs. We can't work on it and expect to not be flagged down by them. It's a little school project and probably won't go further than that in that form.

Thanks for the comment and the video! You managed to break the game at the beginning (Not much, but still. You can see our let's play video to compare the first area.) Hope you liked it and had fun with it for the time it lasted!

Thank you! We really focused on the art of the game when working on it.
Glad you like it :)