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ive sent you a friend request

well it's currently 20$ I could get it to you if you get back at me with your steam credentials 

Sorry 19,99$ not 20$

I've found a way.... But that requires you to get a VPN and a secondary account,

First you connect your VPN to why country that doesn't block the game, then create a new account enable family sharing and buy the game, log out of that account log into yours without VPN enable family sharing on your main account too and you're good to go

Hey Team Nimbus ,

i've got a quick question .... due to germany's laws i cannot buy your game or even remotely access any means of fairly and honestly obtaining your cutetsy lil game so i wanna ask is there a way to buy/get a working game key through you guys ? since somehow steam has found a way to look through my vpn so i cant even access eastern countries where all banned games are accessible ...

hey ahm i have misclicked with the first donation ..... i wanted to do 15€ but i accidentally did 5 and 10€ is there a way to get them to count as one donation ?