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Thank you a lot for your feedback and the good rating! :D Good that you could enjoy my first creation :)

  • I tried to play through the levels very often, that helped to balance it a bit, but I'm happy to hear that it's actually good :D
  • With level 3 & 4 come very different movement sets for the enemies, I tried to make every enemy unique. Thanks :)
  • You mean the levels are to full and I should separate them? In the short time I had and with all the new concepts and learnings I only made a new level for every new enemy.
  • I tried to apply the same concept to the player bullet, but it didn't work out. I designed the enemy bullet long after the player bullet. I can see my progress there xD
  • I thought about an weapon update too, but I did not have enough time for it. The bosses and the balancing didn't work 2 days before the deadline. I implemented the boss explosions the day before I submitted the game maybe in the next one :

I really like your enemy patterns and attacks! Nice work :)

Wow I love it! Great work so far! It brings back some good childhood memories to Tyrian or Raptor :D That's the type of game I really want to make. Thanks for sharing your code. I hope to learn from it. :)

Thank you :) I really like the new enemies from level 4 ;) But level 3 is not easy, that's true xD

I really like the art style of your version! Good work :) I don't think the similarities to the tutorial are a problem. You have many own things in this version! 

And congratulations for finishing your first game!! Good job :) (I know the struggle, it was my first game too)

Nice idea to turn the genre "around"! xD 

Congratulations for finishing your game in time! :) It was fun to play. I really like your upgrade system!

Short and fun! :)