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no paypal, sorry man. keep up the amazing work though!

very disappointed as i cant purchase this but its very nice

thank you!

is there a way you can add a different payment method? i really love these assets and dont have access to paypal :(

if you want to send them to me my email is, thanks

don't worry, not just yet haha. ill be sure to remember this though!

what a gorgeous asset pack. i would purchase the paid version, but i do not have paypal. thanks for providing it to us!

I am going to alter these to use in my game but i am eternally grateful for this. thank you for the gorgeous assets!

says something about godot webgl something is missing.

hey by the way the preview is broken

it's impeccable and I love this art style. Instantly thought of my fav game Risk of Rain (hundreds of hours). I love this very much and I thank the creator for this! THANK YOU