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Seems to do something if you fix the grammar (replace the last a with an e)

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Think they've gotten the site back up and almost immediately taken down again a couple times now because of DDoS attacks.

Edit: It's back up now, url changed.

Again, who are you and why are you acting like some famous influental company? As far as I can tell, you're just one person trying to sound important, without anything in particular to offer, nor anything to take away from Redamz.

"we do not like such practice which is "Patreon first, Public Later" and "Patreon prioritize" no matter what."

There needs to be an incentive for people to give their money, and frankly I think getting each update earlier is a better one than giving something exclusively to those that pay. (Which, to be fair, isn't how Redamz is doing things, but that's his choice)

"We are very disappointed to those creators that makes something because of mone[y], not because they like and love  to make it."

While I get that games being made with the sole purpose of generating income are generally bad, you can't really expect a game developer to live on nothing but inspiration and good feelings. Also, this condescending tone (speaking about "disappointment") is completely unjustified, seeing as nobody gives a rat's ass about your expectations of people acting according to your personal naive beliefs.

"Perkedel Technologies will consider to collaboration"

You know speaking like that only really works if someone had previously shown any interest in collaborating with you, right? You can't bargain if you don't have anything the opposing side wants.

I sincerely suggest you dig your head out of your ass and do something about your god complex or whatever before reality comes and slaps you in the face too hard.

Probably because tumblr disallowed 18+ content.

this is the "original", the full prologue (aka demo 2) was released for patrons last month and will eventually be released publicly (for free) as well, but iirc the full game will cost money for non-patrons, whenever that comes out.

Update: it seems there is now a patron-only link for the prologue on the patreon site, meaning it'll likely be out for the public sometime soon.

Shame about the lack of communication with the outside world, really.

It's now been exactly 1 year since dev said the new version of the demo would be coming "soon" and there hasn't been any announcements outside of patron-only updates since. From what I read in the comments of the last public patreon update he's still working on it but we'll see how long it takes until it's actually out.