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It was compiled against version 3.1 so the latest version here ( should work...

What OS are you trying to run it on?  It hasn't been tested on anything but windows - in theory it should be cross platform but without testing I couldn't guarentee that all the libraries I used are properly compatible.

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Well, just submitted my 7drl entry - I'm many years a developer but first time developing a game of any kind and that was a great deal harder than I thought it'd be!  My scope ended up slashed to the absolute bone from a well over ambitious start and even then it was down to the write that'd i'd have enough in to consider it a "finished game".

So, my utmost congratulations and respects to everyone who took part, both this year and in previous.  I have a new appreciation for what's involved!

So a question for everyone - during this year's challenge, what is the one thing that most caused you stress and frustration? The unexpected difficulty or challenge?

For me it was always continuing onwards.  Looking at the mess of code and seeing a dozen ways to refactor, but having to take that next step towards the next feature instead in order to have any chance of getting enough done.  It was torture every time and very much against a lifetime's training and experience.