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Thanks a lot for the info! I checked that video and Clockwork Raven's tileset and while I can easily adjust most of the stuff (trees, houses, objects, etc.), I'm really struggling with the ground tiles. I could just upscale them to 48x48px and place them individually, but I can't make them work in the autotile format (A2 section, I think) because they use a different layout than what I have, so I'd have to remake all of them, it's not just a matter of rearranging them, apparently. I'll see if I can work something out. I'll remove the RPGmaker tag for the time being and see if I can find a solution. 

Hi! Thanks, I'm glad you like them.
I have them tagged like that because I think they are the kind of assets someone could want to use in that engine, but I haven't used it myself so they are not already formatted for it. Sorry for the confusion! If you have some guidelines on how they should be in order to work there, I'd be glad to include it.

Please send me an e-mail to and I'll send you the details

I accept payments through Paypal, Wise or Stripe at the moment

Thanks! That is indeed my next objective. Not sure if I'll make many small interior sets, or just a big one with all the environments.

Yes, pixel art assets can be scaled up as long as you keep the proportions intact. In Photoshop you should activate the "nearest neighbor" option when scaling them 300% (to reach 48x48), or you can use some other software like Aseprite.

I can scale them, but it takes some time, which is why I usually just provide 16x16 and 32x32 versions. I'll see if I have some spare time to add 48x48 versions to my packs these days.

These are lovely <3

Thanks for the support! :)

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I'm glad, hope you find it useful! Remember to rate it when you get a chance :)

Nice suggestion, thanks! I'll add it to my list

Neat little game with a fun mechanic and fast-paced mayhem <3

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I see what you mean, I agree that perspective can be improved on these. I'll take it into account

That's a great idea, thanks! I'll make a twitter poll next week with all the suggestions.

This is great! I love the way you implemented the assets, the different areas and the sfx/music fits really nicely. Thanks for sharing and hope to see more of it!

Maaan, that's amazing hahaha. I love the way you animated the battlers, and you managed to make Santa even creepier.

Thanks for sharing, good job :)

Great game, good mechanics! Took me a while to win level 2, haha. The rest was easier.
Thanks for the credits, glad you found a use for the assets.

Ohhh that's great!! Thanks for sharing, I love the way you used the assets :)

No problem. And thanks! I'm glad you like them ^^

Hi, unfortunately I haven't tested it in RPG Maker, so I'm not sure if it'll work there.

I'll be offering this pack for free on December, so you might want to wait until then and test it yourself :)

Hi, thanks! While the base sprites are 16x16, they usually exceed that size due to attack animations, weapons and accesories needing more space. So I used a 48x48 grid for these, to make sure everything fit in there:

Regarding recolor, sure! You can edit them at will.

Thanks :D

Mining and Woodcutting animations are added now :)

Mining and Woodcutting animations are added now :)

No problem, glad you like them! :)

No problem, let me know if you have any other questions :)

Hi! Yes, each object comes in its own .png file. Some of them are animated, though, so they contain all the animation's frames. Like this rotating coin, for example:

Glad you like it :)

Thanks a lot! Hope you find it useful :)

Hahaha terrifyingly cute sprites for you. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!

Yeah, death frame is intended to be used in conjunction with a fade-out effect for it to look nice. It has inverted colours in order to differentiate it from hit animation.

Thanks for your feedback!

Many thanks :)

Thanks! Not for the moment, but I think I'll add another one in the future when I get the time!

Thank you! Yeah, I was definitely lacking some enemy sprites in my assets :)
Glad you like them~

Hahaha thanks, dude


Thanks for the feedback :)

Thank you!

That's very well possible, do you have any suggestion for future heroes?

Thanks so much! I'm still working on it, it's gonna be my biggest pack yet :)

This is soo good and detailed, gives me a lot of ideas. I'll definitely use it for a future adventure, thanks!

Thanks! :)