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Thank you, I'm glad! :)

Thanks so much!
My plan is to add content to this pack as more people buy it, and also create other packs to complement it (different environments, character pack, maybe some icons, interiors, etc).

Hi guys! I just released my new asset pack,  it's got lots of new pixel graphics for your games.
Includes a full 16x16 grass tileset, coastlines, trees, flowers, houses, villagers, monsters, items and more! :)

Grab it at 45% off during Black Friday 2020

Link to the pack:

Nice and varied, good for starting a project :)

Buen concepto. Seguramente con más mapas y un objetivo concreto quede mejor (quizás tener que llegar a una salida, y que para llegar haya que pasar por puertas cerradas que primero requieran llaves, etc.)

Hey everyone!

I just released my first asset pack, a dungeon tileset (16x16px) made for top-down RPGs, roguelikes or dungeon-crawlers. If you're in need of some basic tiles, monsters and animated objects/traps, you can grab it at only $5. 



  • Dungeon tileset (16x16px)
  • Over 10 objects and decoration
  • Characters/monsters
  • Traps

Go check it out :)


For feedback or pixel art requests, shoot an e-mail to

Also, check my first game: Elementalist: 0

Muchas gracias!

Sí, el bug del salto es algo que todavía no pude resolver del todo. Siempre trae acarreado algún otro problema, jeje. Gracias por notarlo.

Suerte con tu trabajo!

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
I'll take it into account, thanks. Next time I'll surely add descriptions for each upgrade.

Works great, good job :)

Thanks for the comment :)
They are pretty weak compared to the melee attack, but I guess spamming them might still be strong haha. I'll balance them better next time.

Thanks, I'm glad =)

Thank you! :)