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Hi Yellyvi. Thanks! I use a modified version of the Rosy 42 palette which comes with Aseprite (you can also find it for free on Lospec). I can share my version with you, if you want, just send me an e-mail to

Hi, thanks! The "Fantasy RPG" part is custom made by me, not a font. The lower part (Medieval townsfolk) is the Equipment Pro font. I found it for free on the internet.

Hey, thanks for the nice words! I'm glad you like the style.
No, I haven't done a font for this yet (sometimes I use a free version of Equipment Pro, by Eeve Somepx), but I'd really like to. Not sure when I'll get to it, though. 

Aw thank you, I'm really glad :)

Thanks so much! :)


Oh, good to know! I think all my packs have 3x versions now.


Hi, please provide an e-mail address and I'll send the new content to you.

Yes, unfortunately these aren't formatted for RPG Maker, sorry for the inconvenience..

Yeah, it starts on Friday, at midday :)

Coming next week. Thank you!

Thank you, I really appreciate it! :)

Hello, I'll have a new big bundle sale in a couple of weeks. Thanks!

Hello, thanks for your comment. I usually have sales where you can buy them at a discount.

Thanks so much!
I'm loving all your mini assets, too. Keep up the good work!

Hello! Which bundle did you buy, and when?

True! Good idea.

Lovely, I'll add it to my list. Thanks!

Thank you, I'm glad you like them! :D

Hi! Yeah, tiles are 16x16. Characters are based on a 16x16 grid but some of them exceed that size due to hats, weapons, etc.



Faction Expansion - Woodland Folk

Ahh, the great outdoors~ 🍀

Go take a walk, get some fresh air and come back to this new set of cute, little, furry characters amidst nature's beauty. Enjoy a song or two.


  • Animated top-down character sprites (4-sides)
  • 12 NPCs + a fully animated hero sprite
  • Woodland buildings: Burrows and Roosts
  • 12 new icons + variations
  • Character portraits and objects
  • Multiple colour variations and sizes (1x, 2x, 3x) for each asset!


Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Awww, that looks so cute! Glad the icons helped.
I'll download and play it :)

This is the palette:
It's based on the Rosy-42 palette, with some modifications and addings.
I'm not thinking about doing 8-directions at the time, sorry.

Hahah thanks, I had some spare time.

Added :)

Thanks for the info!
I'm not interested in participating at the moment, but thanks for the offer

Not on this pack, sorry!
For fully animated monsters and characters (including attack animations), check this one:

Hi there! Added some school assets, hope you like it :)

Hello there! Unfortunately these are only 4-directions and I'm not taking commissions at the moment, sorry!

Ohh that's great, I'm glad they were useful. Cheers!

Thanks for the suggestion! I'm glad you liked the result :)

Hi there, I just added a few symbols including a question mark, hope you like it! Cheers~

That's possible :)

Thank you sir!

Nice, thanks for the suggestions :D

They take too much time to just add them to all other packs, but I'll consider making a standalone character portrait pack. Thanks!

Thanks, I hope they are useful :)

Hello there! At the moment I'm working on an update to the Monster pack, and more updates to the Interior pack. I haven't decided what to do after that yet :)

Not modern stuff, since these are mainly medieval fantasy, but I'll consider adding a few elements like a small desk, pencil, blackboard, a bell and stuff like that :)