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This system and this game are incredible
Well done

Everything is so good and clever about this game! I can't wait to see you team making a bigger game, if it's planned!

Sorry for the late reply; but yeah it's normal, it's the feature :) You're not obliged to be next to a wall though, you can release the box in mid-air to use it as a platform then :)

Super fun to play, especially when you master the game and know what you're doign :)

Is it a demo-playtest version for a potential full published game ?
If it's the case I would totally love to buy it on launch (or work on it!), I had a lot of fun playing for an hour and it has a great potential!

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And an other one,
Level Blue-17

I found some cheesable levels, I'll let you see here 
Level Green-14:

... And I'm not disappointed. I have played 60 levels so far, so enjoyable ! Maybe some levels are a bit easy and guide you too much to the right path, but the majority of them are, fun :)

I really would have love more real difficult and interesting challenges, like level 18 in purple world. Not complex,  but you have to change your mindset in order to succeed

Haha, finally I played 10 more levels before quitting

Levels get more interesting, and the 43rd was amazing !

Very interesting core mechanic, really simple, perfect little mobile game :)

On level design, I understand the care for being the most accessible possible by providing a succession of reaaaaaaly easy levels, but I felt like it was too much, and it can lead some players to be bored soon

First it was time to understand the mechanics, in level 3 I got it, a little more understanding about the use of numbers came only in level 12 (13rd is a good one too for this) but most of the levels inbetween are too similar and don't add anything more to the understanding of the game

So the challenge I met was only at level 24 ! And there I said to myself ("Oh, this game looks interesting")
level 32 was a good one too !

I stop playing the demo for tonight, but I'm curious of playing the full game soon !

Oh my god this is the kind of puzzle game I love to design, I am so in hurry to play it and see all your system's complexity !!!

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Ah! I get it again!

Stick to the wall? How do you do that :o ?

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Hello Mika la Grand!

I'm actually working on the "undo" feature, update coming soon!

I take note for the "S" oversight and I'll fix it too!

Thanks for all your feedbacks, it's really apreciated :)

 — Solution of the pit: you can drop a box while in air!

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To be honest, I came back to the game after several months, I was unable to solve the puzzle again x) !

I fixed a bit the level design of that part, update coming soon :) 

Thanks for the comment!

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Yes, it's on the next update I'm actually working on!! :)

This concept is soo cool ! Congrats

I can't play without a game controller ?

Thank you that's very nice :D
Oh I forgotten to say, pixel art (except character and some other sprites) was from Adam Saltsman !

But in a future version I want to do all graphic aspects on my own, add content and maybe an other mechanic ;)

The controlls are a little tricky to take in the hand (Space not used for jump)
But the concept & game are sooo coool !!! Thank you :)

The concept is reaaaly cool but if I had a feedback, the level design is a little boring : It demands to just wait and if you have not the good timing, you restart and wait again. And also it is too punitive, it demands you really THE good timing, otherwise you crush the white guy for exemple and you're force to restart

Such a cool game, and very good graphics and music :)
But if I had a feedback there is no more fun with the next characters, especially with Piggy because you are really invincible. (But the concept is very cool !)
So there's a little lack of challenge and especially of aim. Why am I playing ?  If it is to score the max floor it's too easy and repetitive, if it's to reach the boss floor it would be better but the boss sould be announced and be around the 10th floor
That could be really nice that exploring has a real benefit, for exemple try to kill the more ennemy possible to up your leveling and be more prepeared for the boss

That's only my opinion, for your next games maybe. But, cool game, thank you :)

The level design is so cool !

I love M.C. Escher. Since I was a little boy I wanted to walk into his labyrinths. And there come the first level ; Wow. The dream come true. I was amazed.
But after 30 minutes on the game, I had a few things to reproach. I was not surrounded my the Escher Magic anymore.

The unique gameplay is only shown on Escher's level
Indeed after the first level the player face puzzles that are almost exactly the same as Portal ones, but with the non-euclidian gameplay. A cube, a button that open a door, doors that can "warp" you to an other side. A player that has played Portal already knows all the patterns about the great majority of the puzzles.
I think you should have drown your levels as simple drawings first, just trying to take up Escher's style, and not working on level design first.

The second thing that bothered me is a problem about level design. This game deals with labyrinths, and usually the direction the player must take is very unclear. Thus he attempts a way, but finish blocked and must restart the level from the beginning. This is not a cool game design, a player shall not be blamed for his curiosity and exploration.
Let's take the example of Portal, because it's the closest game. The levels are build so that you never have to restart a level, you can always "restart by yourself", going back to a point of the puzzle and re-create a cube if you have lost yours.

A last little thing, the font is not going very well with the voice. When I read it I feel the unfinished game. Maybe a font more holy, massive would be more appropriate.

Finally other than those things, great job. It will probably be one of my favourite games when all those troubles will be set.