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Unfortunately not on this one

The special object should be present in the game, it could be in any form but the more prevalent the better (more or less)

Update The problem was resolved and the game runs in browser
Update The problem was resolved and the game runs in browser
Jame Gam #28 community · Created a new topic Start shift

I would like to inform you that the start of the jam has been moved from 24th May to 18th May.

The theme will be revealed at the start of the jam

We decided that we will reward the winner with Discord Nitro Classic!
here's your link to submit the game "Save your money"

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Please provide a link of the game you want to submit  so I can send you the late submission link

The theme and the special object will be updated on the page

Please send the link of your game here

Depending on how detailed is the description, it could range from edge case to disallowed.

Yes, every game that is made for the Jame Gam is need to be made in the time limit of the jam, unless it's said otherwise. We will check every game to see if their date of creation is within the jam's.

Violence(including Gore), sexually explicit content, swearing, etc.

I am of the Jame Gam hosts, we have removed your game from the jam because of the need to pay for it. Please contact us if you think this game was wrongfully removed

Jame Gam #16 community · Created a new topic Removed Games
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This is a list of games that have been removed (If you don't agree with the removal, please add an comment):

Trepidation - Analog Horror Game - not fulfilling theme requirement
Bird The Game - can't be played without paying (not fulfilling theme requirement, can't be checked)
Gunner - made before jam
Hungry Bunny - made before jam

You don't need to report anything in the discord server, it just a place where people can vote for the themes and talk. 
Yes you can reuse code snippets and animations. The main thing is that you shouldn't just upload a already made game (unless the theme says so).
You should just need to put you files into a .zip archive and upload it that way.

I hope this helps :)

Hello, I'm one of the hosts of the Jame Gam and I'd like to know if you are on our discord server. If so, I'd like you to ping me there to receive your reward :)

I must say, this game hits hard.
I like the ps1 like graphics and the music that makes the game very atmospheric. It's simple, and it's great. 

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the week-long jam will be at the end of each month unless announced otherwise. The shorter one is the same month a week or two sooner
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Jame Gam #9 community · Created a new topic WINNER



Check out their game here:

At least you tried, right?

No game

I have to say the minigame is really janky sometimes, but it is a fun game nonetheless

Hate to say it, but it's trash

A Retro game updated, good choice but you forgot the boombox unless I did not see it.

I really like this game, though the music starts to crackle and it's not comfortable.

Jame Gam #9 community · Created a new topic CHANGE OF THEME

Because of a slight misunderstanding with the others, the theme is changing to RETRO

You can use any engine, even pyGame (or what it is called), just upload the built game, not the source code

Jame Gam #9 community · Created a new topic Team up
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If you have not joined the discord server, you can team up over here, but it is recommended to join the discord server.

Jame Gam #8 community · Created a new topic Winner
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Check out their game here:

edit: added Pandagooess to the winners as he was a contributor

Those drivers should get their driving license taken :D

Where's the duck? or at least a mention of a duck? 

...You don't need 3 hands? You should really use A/D to move. if you do that you can press the space with your thumb.

I like it! It's a really simple and polished game. Maybe after the jam, you could continue with it and add some fun mechanics.

It's really nice game but I do have some problems with it, mainly when I get hit by the enemies it launches me into outer space which got annoying pretty fast and the enemy and player sprites disappear in some of the runs.