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Nope! Wanted to have one, but we ran out of time in the jam. From Day 4 onward the bosses are just random, and enemies spawn a bit more often. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! Yeah the hitboxes are a bit awkward because we changed the plans for handling them a few times throughout the jam, so the result is a bit uneven. I initially wanted to have the monsters' separate parts be targettable individually, but there were some issues with that, so it ended up with only their torso part being a target, which was a bit awkward. On a post-jam version I would probably give another shot to having all the parts be separately targettable, so you could destroy some of their limbs to remove some of their attacks.

Thanks for playing! I fixed the infinite loop problem. I also reduced the games number of days to 7. I feel adding a feature to skip to the final boss would be more appropriate for a post-jam version though, but we will probably have something like that!

Sure, go right ahead!

Hello! I loved the game, but I cant find a link to the LD page to give a rating! You can add a link to it by editing the game page, there should be a field just for that.

Thanks for playing! Seeing your video, I realized that the green monster in the title screen is obscuring some of the tutorial text, I just fixed that. Also, I fixed the glitched super-armor you are supposed to get on the second half of a weapons' swing, I noticed you were being interrupted very late during some attacks, when you shouldn't have been!

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O darn, I  forgot to check the "windows" checkbox somehow. Should work now I think?

Hep FInamore, yeah! I actually work a bit on it every day, I stream the work here: