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yeah someone pointed out there was no way to actually get the game anymore since my website went offline, so I put this up.

The only structures you can capture in this build is the scattered crates, all other structures that say you can capture them are a bug. Capturing crates only allows you to "salvage" them for supplies.

The green connections is what you see displayed on a grid when you are building corridors, it represents the parts of your base that crew can walk through- some buildings need to connect to this, and others dont.

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You cant capture the mountains or sea vents, those messages appear in error when you click! The game was originally supposed to have the ruins of existing buildings all around the map that you could capture and repair, but I didnt have time to draw ruined versions of buildings for that - and I forgot to exclude mountains and sea vents from being considered "buildings" when you click on them. Whoops!

What the crane does is it expand your buildable area by many tiles, to make it easier to build large buildings, or to build some things away from your other structures.

I picked a palette from the Aseprite palette list, it was called Bubblegum16, and I did some sketching with it while waiting for the jam's theme to be announced. No specific inspiration I can think of other than this. Probably older RTS games in general, like Command and Conquer?

Thanks for the report! I made a fix for this and one other problem, should be ok in the newest version.

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Thanks for playing! The pirate ship has a secret area to find, maybe you missed it? The station destruction is not available yet, and the abominations are not all added in, and their kills are not counted yet.

Thanks for playing, appreciate it!

Thanks for playing! I may have game saves soon. Its a lot of work to add this, but I think I may just need a few more hours of work to get it done.

Thanks for playing! The abominations are meant to be the unique monsters hidden in the game, but the game doesn't count their kills yet. I will try to add this in the next update this sunday night.

Thanks for playing! The game is a bit incomplete still, theres a lack of variety with monsters and environments, and there arnt enough things to help orientation. Adding small "you are here" panels on some walls soon to help the player visualize the larger map, and a full display of the explored space in the pause menu.

...and made another change just now, I think that with these,  most of the frame rate issues should be way diminished. Again though, there may be some new visual glitches as side effects

Weird. what kind of setup do you have? havent heard of this one before. Can you maximize the window at least?

Thanks for the feedback! I just made big changes to improve performance with the game, though there may be some visual glitches to iron out now though. There are a few more things I can do to improve the FPS , I will do that soon.

Thanks for playing! Looks like you explored very thoroughly! The game is incomplete at the moment, there are some areas and monsters missing, and there is no way to destroy the station yet - the difficulty level that requires that warns you that its not completable yet. There is going to be computer screens with a "you are here" display, and probably some sort of pause screen map as well. As for locked doors, you should be able to explode some open if you find the rocket launcher, though rockets are precious.

Just updated the game, improved the mouselook overall and added an option to tweak the centering force or remove it entirely. Its less glitchy feeling overall too, and I widened the dead zone in the middle too.

Thanks for playing! I'll add an option to tweak the vertical centering. As for saving, That will be coming later, I started this project years ago and just dusted it off over the holidays, back then didnt really know how to carefully set up a game to make it easy to add saving later, so implementing saving is a bit of a headache on this! Its doable tho, ill just need to set aside some time to do it.

Note: The huge file is the version of the game made during the jam itself, and the small file is the polished version. The Jam version is 10x its size because its audio files were not compressed properly, sorry!

Nope! Wanted to have one, but we ran out of time in the jam. From Day 4 onward the bosses are just random, and enemies spawn a bit more often. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! Yeah the hitboxes are a bit awkward because we changed the plans for handling them a few times throughout the jam, so the result is a bit uneven. I initially wanted to have the monsters' separate parts be targettable individually, but there were some issues with that, so it ended up with only their torso part being a target, which was a bit awkward. On a post-jam version I would probably give another shot to having all the parts be separately targettable, so you could destroy some of their limbs to remove some of their attacks.

Thanks for playing! I fixed the infinite loop problem. I also reduced the games number of days to 7. I feel adding a feature to skip to the final boss would be more appropriate for a post-jam version though, but we will probably have something like that!

Sure, go right ahead!

Hello! I loved the game, but I cant find a link to the LD page to give a rating! You can add a link to it by editing the game page, there should be a field just for that.

Thanks for playing! Seeing your video, I realized that the green monster in the title screen is obscuring some of the tutorial text, I just fixed that. Also, I fixed the glitched super-armor you are supposed to get on the second half of a weapons' swing, I noticed you were being interrupted very late during some attacks, when you shouldn't have been!

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O darn, I  forgot to check the "windows" checkbox somehow. Should work now I think?

Hep FInamore, yeah! I actually work a bit on it every day, I stream the work here: