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Thank you, hope I can improve my score 😀

Great game, and happy to help by playing so badly that I ran into that bug LOL

Here is my First Play Review with the bug :-)

Added your game to two highscore sites with a link to this page. Hope it gives you some more downloads :-) 3,600 is all I can do for now, but I've figured out what tactic to use to get more points. It's a start :-)

Thank you 😀

Great game, well done. I've done a review of it :-)

Great game, made a payment. Its worth it with quality like this :-)

Great version of this classic arcade game. I've always loved this one, and consider myself kind of good at the arcade version. This version is actually harder if you ask me, but that's never bad :-)

I've advertised for it on two different Highscore sites by entering the game into their databases, and uploaded a score for the game. Will probably give you guys a little more traffic :-)

Here is me playing your excellent game :-) 

Feel free to use video as promotional demonstration video if you guys want to :-)