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Level 15 is very laggy!

There's a softlock in the second level, after the part with the fireballs, if you dont drag the left key with you while you fall then you can't continue and can't go back

ching chong i'm not gonna stop

which hemisphere?

thank you

can't play on linux, no binary

Winter is coming

only in the northern hemisphere but ok

It would be nice to be able to save your finished games so you can look back at them later and admire how well you did

Very fun and engaging!

Wonderful game, nice graphics!

it's very annoying for us the 95% of the world that doesn't live there

Great idea :)

Great game!


No, I stopped at level 13

awesome game, it's cool to be able to throw the ball mid-air

27 deaths on level 4

This game is awesome, how do you defeat the nasty bugs?

The problem is, when I press "Speed" when it's at 8, it jumps at max speed and reaches the end of the map. What if I want it to go to speed 4 without getting to max speed?

Title self-explanatory

The MM/DD/YY is confusing.

Why can't you just use DDMMYY?