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Hi! As another person in the "brain is staffed by weasels running around in zero-gravity" (alternatively called ADHD) demographic, I'd desperately like to know what font(s) are used on the game page here? It reads smooth as butter (sometimes especially when I'm tired that becomes a other point of brain-friction, yay!) 

This game is an absolutely wonderful idea for just, a kind and comprehensive way to communicate our struggles, and the next time there's someone new and dear in my life who isn't already in the know I'll definitely try and remember this!

It's been a blast!!! Thanks for all your hard work, and I look forward to getting further into Avulsion 馃槏

Another lucky playtester, and it was an absolutely stellar time! And its mechanics are so lightweight that even someone with barely any ttrpg experience can fully enjoy it

What I expected going into this was something short and strange. I didn't expect to be wrapped up for hours, not minding as the time passed, trying to get an ending where no-one died and everyone was happy. 

Even if Jo didn't remember their long trial, I'm so glad they got peace in the end.

This was a beautiful game, thank you for making it.

Managed to get the true ending, and had a great time doing so. Really puts the "sweet" in short and sweet :D

Hi! This is such a cool game, loved both the endings <3 Only wish I knew where to get myself a nice hot demon in these trying times D:

All you need to do is click on the character selection arrow an extra time after Ariki, which takes you to the name input and pronoun selection screen :)

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This game is wonderful and I'm so excited to play chapter one! One thing though, is that when I opened the game, there's no option to input name and choose your pronoun as there was before. I would assume this isn't what's supposed to be happening, as there are still places in characters' dialogue where it looks like  name should be (e.g. after you get taken back by Taqtu in part 2 of the prologue, Mukondi just says " !" upon seeing you)

EDIT: oh wow never mind!!!! Found it!

This was adorable!!! SO glad I played, and thankyou devs for making this!

I think I'm going to have to go with Albrich, with his goofiness and optimism and his admirable sense of duty and loyalty towards his country. He's so good, SO GOOD. 

Making second place however is Santana, who is TERRIBLE and yet I love him anyway.

So, I'm currently using Wizz as a band member and am trying to complete his route (though I'm not on the romance path yet). Firstly, I'd like to say that I'm really enjoying it - I love his dynamic with Robin, and have done so ever since his hiring scene. Such beautiful sarcasm!

One thing, though - I just noticed a small typo. During the scene where Robin goes back to Wizz's apartment, after the falling out and breaking his lense, Robin says that he doesn't "sugar coast" his criticisms - surely that should be "sugar coat"?

(I'll update this post if I find anything else)

In Open Mode, it seems that there are numerous characters whose routes should be implemented, who don't seem to be working in my game. Collin, Rose and Emma are working, while Joel, Natasha and Faust aren't (I've yet to try Alessandro). By 'not working' I mean that, while the characters can be used in the band, there is no way to increase relationship with them or trigger scenes from their route.

I have tried to update the game, though this results in:

'An error has occured: Value Error: no JSON object has been decoded'

My game version is 0.60. I've also tried deleting and reinstalling the game, though this doesn't seem to have helped any