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Ok someone help me out.  I have 1 more shield left to get in the Mines, but I haven't been able to find it 30 levels down.  I'm suspicious of some sparkling tiles, and I encountered a special room after falling in a pit which suggests that might be a solution, but I can't find anything that jumps out as having a shield.

Really fun!  The cracked blocks made me want to see what this would be like if it had more items like bombs

Screen capture

In the single card solitaire, if you put all of the cards onto 1 pile, alternating 1/2/1/2, then the pile will go off the screen from the top.  It appears that whatever scaling factor controls the length of the pile goes negative when there's so many cards in one pile

Oh wait that's on purpose I can read, sorry

I'm having issues with the binary solitaire where I can't seem to be able to make any stacks in the 4th column.  For example, If I place a 0 there, I can't place a one on top or vice versa.  Higher value groups are also not possible.  This seems to only be a problem in the 4th column.

Oh gosh unless this isn't a bug and you need to strategically bias which cards you use.

I encountered an issue where there wasn't enough cards at the end of to finish the last pile.  I ended with 10 face up and 9 face down, but I need 11 of one of those

It appears that if you have a tapped card on top of a tapped card, the top tapped card cannot be untapped unless you place it on a different pile

A ton of fun!

I'm encountering an issue in Tap Solitaire where sometimes I can't untap a card

The game was pretty fun.  I offer my thoughts

- There's no UI button to get out of the options, you have to press ESC which wasn't the first thing I thought of

- I like to use Backspace for jump a lot of the time (I have a weird keyboard), but there wasn't an icon for backspace in the control popup in the level

- "Carry / Enter Aim Mode" and "Magnet Action" aren't names that I immediately know which key I'd normally bind it to

- I thought I encountered a bug where the magnet would only be thrown in one direction, but after a while I realized that you have to use the mouse to aim.  I had been thinking you could aim by pressing and holding throw

- I tried to reset the level to troubleshoot the previous issue with the in-game reset, but it looks like it only resets the state of objects it thinks are changed.  It'd be nice if there were a hard reset

- If you quit out in the hub before playing a level, you'll be reset to the tutorial (you can still "Return to Hub" though)

- You can have multiple actions bound to the same key

- It'd be nice if you could fullscreen by dragging the window to the top of the screen in Windows

- Down + Jump should let you go down through semisolid platforms

- In the hub, the magnet shows behind the Key Signs and the doors

- The movement feels like it's optimized for a different game.  Like the coyote time is nice, but I'm not really trying to correctly time jumps.  As it is, I kept bonking into 2-high walls because I jumped too early, which is cool in a platformer, but kinda lame in a puzzle game

- Is the intended solution to the last puzzle to slide the magnet under the negative block which its up and have it land next to the button?  If it is, that felt awkward.

- Having to pick up the magnet at the start of every level felt tedious

- I feel like the puzzles could be cooler if you had to get both the player and the magnet into a spot.  That said, I enjoyed #5 a good deal.

This is good stuff!

If you use custom controls, it seems you can't move left, right, or down.

To reproduce:

- Start a new game and pause

- Remap e.g. Left -> s, Right -> f, Down -> d

- Unpause

- Cannot move the blocks left or right

- Pause, reset the controls, and unpause

- You can move the blocks again

This issue doesn't occur for teleport, rotate left, nor rotate right

Good stuff!  I got 198

Dang this is almost unfair its so good

Very nice!  I was able to get up to 135

Very nice!  I got 5 points

Really enjoyed the game!  Took me a couple rounds to figure out the tree->straw->house->castle progression, but as soon as I did, I was cruising

Amazing game.  I cried.  Music is top tier, and I loved the twist on what the player character was.

Fun stuff!  I didn't realize there were buildings more valuable than banks until I came to write a comment, so I guess I've got to replay!

Great music, great art!

Fun stuff!  9.2kg was my final result

Songtember community · Created a new topic Discord?
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I don't suppose there'll be a discord or similar for this jam where people can share and chat about the songs they wrote?

Very pretty!

Found this to be good fun.  Wave 11 was peak enjoyment; it was really satisfying to need to use every aspect of every tower.  Granted I don't think I could've kept up much longer.  That was a ton of work, especially with the second to left tower.

cats irl

Super fun!  I wish there was a health bar though.

Shoot I thought it would be too hard.  Maybe we should release the extra level we've got that got cut for being difficult.

Super fun!  I really want to get to 21/21.  Took me a minute to figure out the controls, but that may be because I'm not familiar with RTS games.

I got this error when I tried to play on Safari 

```call_indirect to a null table entry (evaluating 'Module["asm"]["Hi"].apply(null,arguments)')```

If only the people that took out Harambe knew that you can neutralize a gorilla with a net

I'll keep in mind during the Zombie invasion that rocks are the real enemy.

Is this the Pale King's farm?

lol such a funny premise

The art is really pretty

Super interesting take on the theme I love it!

Getting Zelda flower lady vibes off of this one

Tasty, tasty, brains!

Really fun!  Reminds me of when I was first learning to program.  Also I soft locked the game by making an argument be NaN lol.

We really lucked out with this one.  It was truely an inspired piece.