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Thanks!!! Glad it was fun  

The MD version doesn’t download. 

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there are ways to go from MD to ePub or PDF.

Both formats make it easier to read and access more devices. Just for myself I also most always have my phone but 50 year old eyes can’t easily read type on a Letter/A4 or Statement/A5 PDF. 

There are also notebook apps like Obsidian that use Markdown. I keep a collection of MD RPG files, rules, random tables, adventures and notes.

And I sometimes make printed notebooks for the table like Fieldnotes 5e notebooks. Having the rules already in MD saves a lot of time. 

how about an epub or markdown version?

Any chance to have .epub versions, or something that is more phone size device readable for aging eyes?

Thanks. And thanks for making and sharing.  The world needs more TYRPG fan-fiction. 

The Lost Pyramid of Ssaron PDF might have 2 extra blank pages, second and third last pages.


Sorry one more, and hopefully last, request. Can there be a US Letter version? The A4 size either shrinks the card size or cuts off the tip of the fist row and bottoms of the last row. 


Looks correct. Thanks!

Now I’ll print, laminate, cut and round corners or maybe cut Battlestar Galactica style. 

This doesn’t  front and back when duplex printing.  Page 1 the Change your Fate front would get the Oracle Begin a Session as it’s back. 

Could a 2-sided/duplex print version of 9 card spread be created? 



Beautiful!!! Thanks for creating and sharing. 

How about a mobile layout? Each colum as a separate page like Forgotten Ballad’s mobile pdf

Thanks for the plain-text version.

Thanks! Like the covers having page color, simple way to assist with device page flipping finding sections. 

Good question, I'm not sure. When I first asked it was curiosity to what you had in mind. I would like to see some of the Crimson Dunes of Mars character options. Random character detail tables, description, name, background, attire, motivations, quests, missions, factions. I've been using  Kanabo, Cairn, MazeRats and Any Planet is Earth whichever was most appropiate or at hand but would like something Brighthammer.  

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Like the change to Lineage. Looking forward to the character options release.  Is there going to be a screen version?

Awesome. Already following and I have a some ePub creation experience if you have any questions. 

Any chance for a .epub version? 

Are there any example characters out there?

Is there an example of play in English ?

How about page numbers?

Awesome, the PDF is working for me. Thanks!

What file type is the download?

AWESOME!!! Thank you

Could we get Screen Page versions like how Brigththammer or dungeonpunk? Would make handy phone moves reference. 

is it intentional to have the second page have just 1 line?

Either found a typo or my understanding has a typo. 

On page 8 the sorcerer accumulated  Obligation through negating negative outcomes or by getting benefits. Then they roll 1d10 and if their roll is under their current obbligaton the benefactor is content. Why not immediately get a 10 Obligation and never attempt to lower it? Unless they want to trigger a quest or become corrupted. 

That aside like the class, very flavorful in a little text. 

LOVE IT!!! Your addition let me find The Vanilla Game. Thanks!!!