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Virtual Wave has gone through a ton of changes since then and even this year. I began having issues with it running in windows 10 and attempted to port it into GameMaker Studio 2. I realized that GMS 2 changed all of the 3D functions and decided the best move was to port it into Unity instead. Currently Virtual Wave is in development in Unity, this port is moving along much faster and efficiently than GMS. Hopefully it will be finalized and released this year, a proper update on release will be announced soon. Thank you for your continued interest!

THANK YOU! I am not finished with this project, so stay tuned for the full game available on Steam soon!

It is not a dead project, this demo is finalized but the full game will be released on Steam sometime this year (hopefully).

Thanks for playing and the Video Review!

Thanks for Playing and the gameplay video!

oh I'm still working on it ;)

Check My Twitter for more updates as my project develops. I plan to release this on Steam hopefully before the winter of this year. I've added so many new things; Weapons, Enemies, Levels, Music, Player Statuses, Items, ect. plus it's been completely reprogrammed to be way more efficient than before.

Thanks for playing and uploading a clip! I plan on adding more features to make jumping and dodging enemy attacks easier, currently it only works properly for the enemy projectiles. Stay tuned for the next update ♥ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )