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Thank you I'm very glad you liked it and I will make sure to check your game out too !

well i dont knoe exaclty hoe to explain it but at a few specifique points the jump has a sort of delay

Thanks guys for all the support it really helps me and I don't know what else to say than thanks and that I will continue to make video games

Thank you, you don't know how muxh this helps me !

Hey its me its really good for a second game but I do have some issues with the controls.

lol you posted the same comment twice but thanks man !

Thank you I also wish you good luck !


Thanks man I really apreciate it I'll make sure to check your game out !

yes indeed they are

Nah nvm it was just i was bored and i had no games to play

thanks and i will!

thanks man i just need to find a good next project.

thank you i'll make sure to keep making more games!

thanks alot it helps me but i think because i credited them and im not sking for money its ok to use their music

I know its really short but thank you for playing !

is it just a hole

Wow no android thanks sekoia