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i would love to play but it is saying there are no files to install it :/

I played both Trick & Treat and The Witche's Tea Party on steam recently so I was really looking forward to trying this! But my computer won't let me open it, saying it's a high security risk and it auto blocks it. It's never done that for me before so I don't know what's wrong and it has done it twice to this game :/ Any help to figuring it out will be appreciated <3 I love your work so much.

This was so cute!!!!  Everything about it!! <3

aw thank you!! I haven't been on here in forever, your comment made my day!

Truly beautiful, I shared this with all my friends.

Very ominous yet beautiful ^-^ 

Very well done and enjoyable ^-^

I didn't realize! Thank you, I fixed it :)

All hail the beautiful tower to the moon! I loved it, especially the tower details.

This was short but cute ^-^

It worked! Thank you, I just finished playing all the endings, I love it so much <3

I can't access the hidden ending. :( I got all but it. I misread how to, and tried disabling the censor before I clicked to go Sebastian's route, then green text said there was an error basically so I had to switch it, so I switched it back on. But, when I got to the end of the route, there was a giant X on the censor option >-< And no matter what I do it won't go away. So I don't know what to do, please help? I love the game so much so I really wanting to see the True Ending.